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    May I ask if RHulk boss is the last shadows raid, or Venom boss tmr? Thanks.
  • satvik17satvik17 Posts: 46
    Reference said:

    May I ask if RHulk boss is the last shadows raid, or Venom boss tmr? Thanks.

    No there is one more after the RHulk aka the Venom boss Shadow Raid
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    Please note our update to the event:


    Extended times!

    Starts: 11/04/2020 @ 18:00 UTC (10AM PST)
    Ends: 12/09/2020 @ 18:00 UTC (10AM PST)

    Starts: 11/04/2020 @ 17:00 UTC (10AM PST)
    Ends: 12/09/2020 @ 18:00 UTC (10AM PST)
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    Wsm10 said:

    I just wanted to put my thoughts on the side event, and an issue I'm seeing in general. The power difference between levels is getting ridiculous. I just wanted to see the difficulty difference between a few, and it's really getting unacceptable, especially for the level of rewards received for the difficulty. Master, you start at between 900-1000 and third fight is a small bit of difference. For epic, it starts AT 9K, and the third fight i just saw was 18K!!! Really? It's incredibly frustrating to see this, because that difference in difficulty is absurd. It's literally 10-18x upped.
    I seriously don't understand how ANYONE can think that's alright. This has been happening off & on for a while, bar a few really great events that didn't have this pathetic power creep nonsense. I really hope this doesn't continue.

    That is very easy if you have gotten uncollected
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    edited December 2020
    I'm glad Venom is the last quest of the event. This was the easiest one for me. I can complete it most of the time with no resources. I use 6-star Venom on the Spider champs, Domino on Kingpin and Blade with the trinity for backup on everything else (since they're all villains). Didn't beat it every time but had a good success rate. Venom is the MVP. If he dies early then it gets a lot tougher to get past Starky and Spider-Gwen.

    I was waiting to spend any gamma until I had 1.5 million and I just hit it now with 3 entry tickets to spare.
  • J_Force_101J_Force_101 Posts: 11
    not receiving my gamma rewards for completing EQ. Does this game ever work properly
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