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  • Abhro12_3Abhro12_3 Posts: 40
    Abhro Blue
  • Honaway_23Honaway_23 Posts: 17
    IGN: Sir Miggu
    Prize: 2 GGCS if first, or 1 GGC if second
    Best In-game moment: Reaching Cavalier after grinding for 10 hours trying to reach it before the massive compensation!
  • LostCrestLostCrest Posts: 85
    IGN: Lost Crest
    Prize request: 2 GGCs
    Best thing that happened to me was either pulling a 6* namor or beating 5.4 on my mini
  • IGN: InternetLoser
    Prize: 1st prize 2xGGC; 2nd prize 1xGGC
    Best thing to happen this year in-game would probably be finally pulling wolverine from the 5* featured after duping terrax and airwalker a bunch of times in a row. Or finally getting free time to do act6 completion :D

    P.S Thanks for hosting this again, Happy holidays <3
  • SlittedGtSlittedGt Posts: 1
    IGN: SlittedGt
    If I win i would live the 1 GGC and 10 energy refills, and if i Come second 10 energy refills, best thing that happened to me this year (in game) was smacking the collector, and 5.4.6 ultron, wish the best of luck to everyone!
  • GHOST_AIGHOST_AI Posts: 17
    IGN: Ghost AI V.495
    2 Greater Gifting Crystals
    The best thing that happened to me this year was that I was able to finally complete act 6 and then went on to complete 7.1. I had been stuck at 6.3.1. Medusa with no decent bleed character until I finally pulled my 5* Nick Fury. After that, the rest was just grinding.
  • Will3808Will3808 Posts: 3,536 ★★★★★
    2 GGCs
    Probably getting cav but so much has happened in the last 6 months since I returned to the game so I don’t really know.
  • Razer_Boltz619Razer_Boltz619 Posts: 131 ★★
    IGN: Razor Boltz
    The best thing that happened is becoming cavalier the massive increase in rewards was so worth it.
    Also would like the greater gifting crystals thanks!
  • Jackd1989Jackd1989 Posts: 394 ★★★
    ign - Jackd1989
    prize - GGC and energy refills
    Best Moment - finishing off the champion in 6.2 and duping my 6* warlock from the 6* crystal i formed
  • IGN: Sgtspankypants
    2 GGC's for preferred gift
    Best thing that happened was pulling 6* Mags right before the buff.
  • Saleem84Saleem84 Posts: 4
    IGN: Saleem84
    Package: 2GGC
    Best moment: getting the ThroneBreaker Title.
  • RazeStrikeRazeStrike Posts: 58
    IGN: RazeStrike
    2GGC if 1st, 1 GGC if second.
    I had a great mcoc year, did act 6 and 7.1 completion. Also did my first run through abyss and did 100% LOL. Been a great time. GL to everyone!
  • DönerminoDönermino Posts: 94
    Price: GGC or refills
    The best moment was when I pulled warlock as my second five star and didn‘t like him because his animations were ugly( I used to judge champs of their animation).
  • BsuGuyBsuGuy Posts: 137
    1st - 2 GGC
    2nd -1 GGC

    Best thing that happened to me this year was finally pulling Aegon after 46 dual class crystals
  • SazedSazed Posts: 283 ★★
    Prize for 1st- 2 GGC.
    Prize for 2nd- 1 GGC
    My favorite moment is when I became Uncollected and only used 160 units on the Collector. Go Corvus Glaive!
  • gash228gash228 Posts: 88
    IGN: gash228
    1 GGC and 10 energy refills or 1 for the second place.
    Best thing was when I went in 6.2.6 to practice against The Champion and accidently completing the quest.
  • PrtjoPrtjo Posts: 90
    IGN= Prtjo
    2 or 1 ggc
    Getting a CAIW from a featured.
  • PsychoakumaPsychoakuma Posts: 559 ★★
    IGN: PsychoAkuma

    Request: 2GGC or 1 GGC

    Best moment: pulling 6* NF as I had an 6* skill awakening gem from Abyss.
    I had been searching for 5* NF from dual crystals for months without luck. He's usually sitting on war defense at R3 so I don't get to use him much, but I've always been a fan of him and happy to have him in my roster (and as top champ in game).
  • PsychoakumaPsychoakuma Posts: 559 ★★
    IGN: PsychoGouki

    Request: 2GGC or 1 GGC

    Best moment: being able to R2 Venom 6*
  • AwesomoChaosAwesomoChaos Posts: 78
    IGN: Awesomo Chaos
    Two GGC or one GGC
    Best thing was ranking Doom to r2. Helped me clear a lot of content.
    Thanks for doing this. You’re awesome!
  • Bsweezy0821Bsweezy0821 Posts: 213 ★★
    IGN: Jpizzle0421
    Gift: 2 GGC’s for first place, 1 GGC for second place
    Best thing to happen to me this year in game was getting my first maxed out 5*
  • rivetrivet Posts: 225
    IGN: rivet
    Prize request: 2 GGCs or 1 GGC if second place
    Best thing to happen to me this year is that I got 1M rating and 10k prestige at exact the same time (well with some planning) and under 1.5 years of playing this game.
  • IGN: CrainOnTheBrain
    Best thing: I got an Ægon from a basic on my birthday and was able to awaken, Max sig, and r5 him!
    Prize picks:
    1st- one greater gifting & 10 energy refills
    2nd: one greater gifting

    Happy Holidays!
  • King_bren1King_bren1 Posts: 6
    Name: Menez
    Price request two Greater gifting crystals
    Nicest thing that happened last duping my 6* domino and pulling 6* doom on the same day
  • IGN: WillieWonkaaa
    2 GGC

    Best thing was coming back to the game after 2 year break and getting my friend to join back too, we’re both grinding arenas now :)
  • BigRudd88BigRudd88 Posts: 1
    Ign: BigRudd!
    1st place : 2 ggc
    2nd place : 1 ggc
    Best memory this year: opened first 6* ever (karnak) but still my first lol
  • YTBigSYTBigS Posts: 43
    IGN- YTBigS
    Ggcs+Stoney Cores if first, Stoney cores if second.
    Best ig moment this year- when I pulled a cmm on the second cosmic tech dual crystal I opened for her.
  • IGN: Jackp07
    1ggc and 10 refills if first, and 10 refills if second
    best moment was probably getting g2099 as my first 6*, but after getting punished for the cardinal sin of getting a good 6* now i have howard and red skull
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