Dash Back After Special Not working [Fix in Progress]



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    I’m on iPhone 6s ios 11.1 and I’m having issues with most characters..ran through all my 4&5 stars in arena and it’s happened with just about all of them
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    This is a horrible bug that causes you to have to use potions. Really questioning the amount of “testing” you go through as the users and people playing the game find it within the first 10 minutes of playing the game.

    I have an iPhone 8 and iPad Air 2, both running iOS 11.
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    Every champ I use whether it’s a special attack or even a 5 hit combo I’m having trouble about 90% of the time dashing back whether it’s an r5 50 Rogue or my r4 55 Magik still the same problem then I get absolutely rocked because my champ stand there like an idiot and won’t dash back. Cost me precious time in last months event and probably a chance at a legends badge having to revive champs from this bug. Just another way for Kabam to steal money from me which is why I vow to never spend another penny on this game. Free to play from here on out all because they don’t care about us like we try to care about their game!!!
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    NightCrackerNightCracker Posts: 157
    edited September 2017
    Here is a video in a duel using Magik. I enabled touches to show so you can see the swipes not registering after her L2. Unresponsive after Magik L2

    Samsung S8+ (SM-G955U)
    Android Version 7.0
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    galaxy s8+. I noticed the issue after last update, but didnt think it was a bug. assumed kabam lengthened the recovery time after clickable specials on purpose to handicap so we could either choose to not use and kill slower or use more potions than we can farm forcing us to use units. seems to be winding down to 1 of two options. spend money or enjoy the massive time sink.
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    Kaycg1Kaycg1 Posts: 257
    If you want to get something fixed, didn’t we all learn that leaving a rating and description in the respective app stores was the way to go.
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    MikeyBoi69MikeyBoi69 Posts: 139
    Ive seen this happen to magiks sp2, hulks specials and thor. Happens in story and arena. Im using a sony z5. Please fix it i rely on hulk alot for AQ and war
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    MrcMumbleMrcMumble Posts: 161
    Dear "mods", load the game up use either deadpool in a duel, use s2, watch the bug happen. Plain and simple. Stop asking for proof when you clearly already have it and know about it. Either this was intentional or a horrendous over-sight. Either way your incompetence shines brighter than ever.
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    Wake up call!! There is no, and there has never been beta testing..after 12.0 they said they would to appease the mob, they have never given any proof of it and each update is littered with problems. Stop buying the BS that this company is selling
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    BigPoppaCBONEBigPoppaCBONE Posts: 2,320 ★★★★★
    iPad pro 12.9
    iOS 11.0.1

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8
    Android 7.1.1

    Unable to move after specials and CPU swamping me with attacks after an L3 before I can move. Still happens in the center of play area, but almost always when specials end with you against a wall. Sometimes they recover and attack so quickly they whiff because I haven't gotten all the way up.
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    AuraAura Posts: 2
    Samsung s6 active. Android version 7.0
    Most champs, every mode.
    Come on guys, can we get one patch that doesn't cripple us in one way or another? It's like a random debuff each month.
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    S1N1STR3S1N1STR3 Posts: 53
    @Kabam Zibiit hey, its not only dash back i think. When i use the special attacks they not respond as fast as they should be. For example when i do sp1 of hulk when i dash foward to attack the stun time is almost in the end, so it kinda take some time to respond. Same thing as dash back when you want to dash back it's seems the timers are not write, so in most off time u get it now. I'm with Android system and i have an HUAWEI. hope u guy's find a solution, because it took me some revives and potions already.
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    used kamaka khan in arena and she couldn't dash back after her l1 too.
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    Jmax5154Jmax5154 Posts: 20
    edited September 2017
    Can confirm iOS 11.0.1 iPhone 7plus. Gwenpool, Voodoo, rogue, vision, all my normal attackers. It’s not just up against the wall either. Ability to dash back or even just block severely slowed/impaired.
    Don’t you think we’d notice these things pretty dang quick by now?
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    Same here... especially with Gwenpool after her s1, and some of the other champs as well. It's getting mildly annoying now
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    CuntessaCuntessa Posts: 69
    This was happening with scarlet witch sp1 against mephisto in monthly event, heroic level. She is 4 star r4 level 40 duped. Samsung galaxy s8 running marshmallow, im updated the game when the update came out wednesday
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    NobleFourNobleFour Posts: 28
    Funny that Kabam Mike jumped almost immediately into the thread about doc strange regenerating too much health and says they fix this "very soon" but totally ignored the most popular thread about a bug that is totally screwing up the game for many people, I guess the game is working as intended???

    Thanks kabam for making my push for the collector so fun and interactive...
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    Just lost 4 Star Rank 4 Iceman to Hyperion in AW & 5 Star Rank 2 Loki!!! This is ridiculous
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    BlendinBlendin Posts: 13
    I’m experiencing it with all my champs, parry says and makes he sound of parry, but not happening. I beat BPCV in AW, said victory, took a phone call and 3/4 my life was gone with my sig100 AA and BPCV was still 100% health. Game is jumpy and dashing back is messed up as well as parry. This is happening with all my champs.

    I have an iPhone 6+ S running latest software 11.0.1. This is also happening on my iPad Pro which is running 11.0.1. Same problems doesn’t matter the device. I feel screwed outta this AW. I want compensation ASAP that’s worthwhile. You guys can feel free to account.

    In game name = Gabungier
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    That issue has been around since forever man... You have to release the ui to “reset” your guy or he’ll be stuck and take a heavy. It has something to do its the digitizer locking in the block command during most heroes sa attacks.

    The bigger issue I’m having since the update is:

    1) repeated huge downloads, twice today
    2) longer sa attacks that tagyou when countering even after they seem to have ended. For example, x23s final kick lasts forever now.

    The implications for timing suck, and it was a stupid update. There’s almost no time to counter after an sa now with some characters
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    MsLynnMsLynn Posts: 22
    Every champ & node
    Samsung j3 is 6.1.1 android & on my iOS 11
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    Mm1975Mm1975 Posts: 11
    iOS 11.0
    iPhone 6
    Every champ unable to dash back
    4/40 Starlord, 4/40 Magik, 4/40 Guillotine, 2/35 Drax, 4/40 Dr Voodoo
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    13_Dub13_Dub Posts: 28
    I’m in agreement with what looks to be every single MCOC player there is. It’s every champ in every mode that has a special or stuns. New update with the new IOS. Should seriously consider putting Aw and aq on pause til this is fixed. Sorry to be sarcastic but it’s pretty clear the company is in need of new beta testers...
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    AfflictionAffliction Posts: 382 ★★
    This is astonishing. 1 day. 10k views already. How obvious is this a HUGE problem? Do y'all play y'alls own game? Before releases? Testers? Just curious. :expressionless:
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    iPhone 7+ iOS 11 - everything is updated. Game and iOS. Total garbage. Parry isn’t working. Enemies in AW and arena are coming out of specials with no hesitation and laying down additional 5 hit combos. I’m getting parry/stunned by champs in AW and arena like crazy yet suddenly after 3 years I apparently have lost the ability and knowledge on how to do so myself. Just lost 2 champs in AW in first two fight due to this and my streak in 4* Mephisto arena from the same thing. Very irate and seriously considering quitting this crappy game. I’d love to, but I’ve spent way too much time and money on this subpar product over the last 3 years. So......fix your ****. NOW!!!
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    Lo4eathLo4eath Posts: 309
    edited September 2017
    Your "bug fixes" said "Made improvements to Parry consintency" and "Fixed an issue where players were unable to take any action after using Special Attacks of some Champions"... I have not experienced any of these bugs before the new patch, but weirdly enough, after you have "fixed" them, the above is happening. OnePlus 3, android 7.1.1
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