I'm not surprised that Hercules won the vote. Looking forward to a great cosmic champ.

GMAX77GMAX77 Posts: 270 ★★
I was doing my best to campaign for Omega Sentinel and I still personally think she would have made (or will still make?) a great addition to the game, but I'm also happy for the Herc fans. He has potential to be a great champ, but I'm also seeing a lot of people say how surprised they are that he won the vote. Think about it...many of us who are on the forums or look at characters from the perspective of being a viable contender examine all of the pros and cons, the class needs of the games, the potential kits, etc. But think about it....how many people voting on the survey are just average folks who see a choice between Hercules (that many, many people are familiar with) or Omega Sentinel (who your average person has no idea about). I can easily see a ton of Herc's votes coming from sources other than hardcore gamers. I hope he's a great champ who is right up there with Hype, Corvus, Cosmic GR, and Sparkles.


  • GMAX77GMAX77 Posts: 270 ★★
    Djin said:

    It was rigged. Hercules was always going to win. They just made us vote to make us think we had a choice.

    But think about how many movies, books, tv shows, and the like feature Hercules. He is in many ways a pop culture icon not to mention he has his whole Greek mythology legacy behind him. I was bummed at first that Omega S. didn't win, but the more I thought about it, it makes sense. He's just vastly more popular than anyone who was on the list. Maybe not the Marvel comics version, but I can believe most people who voted when the option popped up in game went for the person they were most familiar with.
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    I'm looking forward to a high damage-output cosmic with a good amount of utility and hopefully not Sentry 2.0
  • Moot4LifeMoot4Life Posts: 2,132 ★★★★
    10/10. No bias
  • KoopaKrusherKoopaKrusher Posts: 70
    My guess is that Hercules is a slightly worse version of CGR. I believe they released some design concepts during the vote that mentioned "cosmic abilities but a skill playstyle" and "performing feats to get different buffs" which sounds similar to CGR's judgement mechanic. Maybe that turns into some feats for gaining fury/precision/crit damage and some feats for tenacity? Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing him in the game
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    I am hyped for Hercules.
  • CatmanndoCatmanndo Posts: 82
    He could bring some interesting synergies. He’s been in comics forever and has interactions with so many of the characters in the game. Synergies are practically buffs now. I didn’t vote for him, but I’m hopeful 👍
  • Texas_11Texas_11 Posts: 1,794 ★★★★
    Faseeh said:

    Ima be real with you. He gonna have armor breaks,furies and a few other buffs. Case closed. What im looking forward to is the immunities and any rampup

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