Should I awaken BWCV with mystic gem?

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I’m a bit puzzled. BWCV is widely considered one of the top 2-3 mystic champs in the game. On paper, her awakened ability sounds similar to Corvus. And in some of her early reviews people were saying that she needed to be duped

However, I’m seeing lists where she is not even among the top 8-10 mystics to use an awakening gem on.

It just so happens I rolled a 5 star version last week and got a 5 star mystic awakening gem from the gifting crystal. Only have 2 other 5 star mystics - Diablo and hood. Should I awaken BWCV or should I save it for the long run?

Should I awaken BWCV with mystic gem? 45 votes

Yes. Awaken her now
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No. Save the gem for now
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    No. Save the gem for now
    Top mystic champ who does NOT need to be awakened.
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    No. Save the gem for now
    She absolutely does not need an awakening. She's my most used Champ and also my first maxed 5* and she's amazing without the dupe. The sig only gives her death immunity for a limited period after SP3. It might come in handy occasionally but if you're a good player you won't ever need it. Save it for someone who needs a dupe, like Sym Supreme
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    No. Save the gem for now
    The most worthless awakening gem in the game, the truly great mystics like Doom or BWCV don't even need it, unless you want to invest in mid tier mystics like Mojo or low tier ones like Juggs, then save it. Maybe they will come out with a top tier mystic this year that will actually need it.
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    No. Save the gem for now
    The only God/Beyond God Tier Mystics that are worth using a mystic gem ( and mystic, NEVER generic) are Dr. Vodoo, Classic SW , Sorcerer Supreme, Magik, Morningstar (but needs high sig to make a difference) and Sym Supreme ( benefits from it but not as much as the others I mentioned.)

    Doom doesn't need it, but still is a better choice to use it than Claire Voyant( I used a gem on my Doom). Hood and Longshot are also more deserving of the gem than her, although they are nowhere near as good as her even if they are duped. Hell, even Ghost Rider, who as of now is still somewhat good but quite an outdated champ, is still a better choice to use that gem on.

    So yeah save it. If you have a high rank 5* or 6* Ghost and know/are good at using her , then maybe is not a bad idea to use it on Hood as he has an important Synergy with Ghost. Other consideration is that there might be upcoming mystics that might need it, for example Sigil Scarlet Witch.
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    No. Save the gem for now
    Her sig ability is almost completely useless. The only reason to awaken her is prestige.
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