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  • Been happening all day on my voodoo and rogue . U press special and yur just stood there nothing happening this is **** I'm on iphone 6s
  • Hulpea22Hulpea22 Posts: 4
    Seriously!This game is played by over 3 million players...how much money u think they make?? And they can't do it properly...new update ...new glitch. ..
  • Just had this happen with my 4* R3 Ms Marvel (KK). Tried to use SP1, used up the power bar and nothing happened.
  • Hey everybody, sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing. We don't yet have a specific ETA on the fix at this moment but I just wanted to let everyone know that we are already working on a fix for this. Once we know more about the timeline we will be sure to update you all!

    so we can't tell you when it will be fixed but it's ok keep playing and it's ok if you die because we have a $30 revive/heal pack you can buy to help with that
  • 2_70tanker2_70tanker Posts: 12
    Same problem with green goblins sp2
  • _TimTakon14_TimTakon14 Posts: 3
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    Me too
  • It happens almost every game especially if you try and activate a special immediately after or during a combo,I get sound but no action and bars are drained:(
  • Aconteceu a mesma coisa comigo,
    Está acontecendo em frequências
  • Bosoxg1rlBosoxg1rl Posts: 30
    Multiple champs, including Starlord, Guillotine, and Winter Soldier. Happened 6-7 times today.
    Running iOS 11.0.1, iPhone 7+.
    Have seen it occur for the AI once as well, Ant Man in AW.
  • I love how it says fixed yet new threads keep appearing. I clearly still isn't fixed
  • polverine15polverine15 Posts: 191
    Fix this already. I just hammered in AW because my sp2 didnt work and lost the fight. This is complete **** that this is happening.
  • AdonislinkAdonislink Posts: 27
    This is ridiculous! How can we even play with all these issues??? There better be some kind of compensation for such idiotic bugs. How about making sure the game works before introducing new content? Same thing we, as a community, have been saying forever. One thing you guys are consistent with are bugs and issues. Great job!
  • RedRoosterRedRooster Posts: 337 ★★
    So Kabam have let us know that they're looking into it. The question is whether they have learnt anything from the last few days on how to manage this situation. Are they going to let this thread run for pages and pages and not respond to their player base? See my comment here:

    This is exactly the same scenario, just a different bug.
  • Hey everybody, sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing. We don't yet have a specific ETA on the fix at this moment but I just wanted to let everyone know that we are already working on a fix for this. Once we know more about the timeline we will be sure to update you all!

    Happened a lot in arena which I can usually recover and win but now just happened to my rogue in aq second tier vs crossbones going to cost me now to heal this is brutal and better be some kind of compensation cause I'm having to use glory I've been saving to keep going an answer would be appreciated but I know it won't happen.
    tired of the same of ****
  • This is disgusting, kabam are well aware of the sp issue and should of suspended Aq/aw while they rush to repair it. People are using revives and healths as after your sp fails you often get caught. Even if kabam replaced all revives/ healths used it still wouldn’t be right as many people use units or have to buy units so they should replace the money.
    Also this is a bug they kabam are exploiting for their own gain, so cheating.
    Get a grip kabam and start playing fair
  • 75% + of my champions are being affected by this. I am getting my A handed to me in my alliance's AQ. How long is this going to go on for? About to get booted by my team as they say it is not happening to them. WTF? Not an enjoyable gaming experience.
  • BigDaddyJoeBigDaddyJoe Posts: 357 ★★

    But at least my hammer is pretty freaking cool after L1 misfired
  • Kabam, your pennance for this bug needs to be to return ALL units spent on alliance pots, between AW and AQ i am in for over 1000 units in revives and heal pots. You don’t have to refund for regular gameplay pots since those are optional (although it would show some compassion), but aq/aw needs to be refunded since these are required participation by most alliances & the structure of the game.

    Fyi, your offer to buy alliance pots for $30 the day after the bug was found was extremely insulting.
  • PaddiePaddie Posts: 28
    This is ridiculous levels of unacceptable.

    Several hundred units down today due to my specials not working and then getting slaughtered in AW as a direct result.

    You need to reimburse all users unit spends on potions and revives during this period of your game not functioning correctly.

    Simply unacceptable. In any other industry if a company put out a faulty product they’d be taken to account - they’d have their products recalled and refunds would need to be given.

    Imagine a car manufacturer sending out cars whose brakes worked anything less than 100% of the time. ‘Sorry to all the dead people, we’re working on a fix!!!’ ‘We are fully aware we are not doing our job properly, we are fully aware you need to get to work every day or you’ll lose your job - just keep using our cars and just cross your fingers you won’t die!!!’.

    I can’t just not join AQ or AW as I’d be kicked from my alliance. Despite it being 100% not my fault my champions are not functioning correctly, I somehow still feel responsible for my champs deaths and spend to try to help my alliance out. When the problem persists and I die after using units, I’m in a very difficult position - spend more and maybe continue to experience fatal faults in the game, or play a part in 29 other people losing rewards in the war.

    You guys know you have players over a barrel and you know we have to play to keep our alliance going, so you know by giving 0 refunds or compensation you’ll feel no negative effects. Meanwhile every new feature, every new update, more and more things malfunction... you don’t do the necessary level of work or testing, put out an error strewn product, and you get away with it.

    If I did that in my job I’d be fired. Businesses would be filing their tax returns unlawfully and I’d get taken to court, fined and possibly put into prison. Even accidental negligent work would have massive consequences.

    You? You’d put out an offer for units as players suddenly find themselves without any and you’d continue to rake in the cash.
  • DoctorJDoctorJ Posts: 842 ★★★
    Truly mind boggling. One thing after another. I expect at least 4-5 months before they fix this.

    Its a good thing you guys test out your product before you release it! This is just pathetic.
  • This has been happening to me for a couple weeks now. Any character, specials 1 & 2, in any quest (solo or alliance)/arena. I activate the move, the sound fx happen, my energy is deducted for it, but my champ just stands there. & then I usually get blasted becuz I'm dumbfounded & not blocking anymore. I've also noticed that it regularly occurs when the opponent is starting their heavy attack @ the exact same moment I press my special button. Please get this fixed.
  • MIGS_1206MIGS_1206 Posts: 6
    Kabam: “Let’s fix the evade issue after a player uses a special by making it so that when he uses his special, he doesn’t actually perform one.”

  • Jackie2CokesJackie2Cokes Posts: 196
    Joke of a company. This could not have passed your precious beta testing.

    And if you played this game, you'd have seen this happening before you released the fix.

    Your game developers that came up with the fix should be fined a weeks wages.
  • Sylvia14mkSylvia14mk Posts: 74
    Still broken (wail of anguish).
  • Happening to me as well. Hope a fix happens soon.
  • Are the developers working on a fix? The special powers being erratic is causing me to lose fights in Alliance Wars. Completely unacceptable. I mean it's like 1 out of 4/5 times I hit the bar to use my power, it fails completely.
  • BeezlebozoBeezlebozo Posts: 11
    same here
  • I got K.O in AW & AQ because of this bug and Mt t4b arena was almost screwed as I play on 2nd day THANKS KABAM FOR THIS LOVELY GIFT I TOTALLY APPRECIATE IT
  • Whatever but we need summoner appreciation gifts for this fiasco.... Not just revives and potions ... I talking about awakening gems and generic signature stones for 4 and 5 star champions
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