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    SMOKATRON wrote: »
    this is BS i had to use a reserve of ITEMS I PAID FOR because of this little "problem" kabam i DEMAND my items back and compensation or we will organize a FULL SCALE BOYCOTT

    Why did you have to use your reserve of items?
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    And you wonder why more and more people are leaving the game and the ones sticking around are spending less and less. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more incompetent company unable to do what they used to be pretty good at.
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    RB6942 wrote: »
    And you wonder why more and more people are leaving the game and the ones sticking around are spending less and less. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more incompetent company unable to do what they used to be pretty good at.

    Actually there are lots out there. Look at some of the companies declaring bankruptcy.
  • I am tired of this. It has happened more times than I can count and it causes lost of match in some cases. Please fix ASAP.
  • Same problem here and all my ally... i have video If someone need it
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    I'd be willing to bet that if the specials were all knocking out the opponent whenever activated, it would have been fixed already.

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    Hey All,

    We are aware of this bug and are working on a fix for it at the moment. Because this bug is caused by control inputs following the activation of a special, the way to avoid this from occurring is to avoid making any inputs within the first few frames of the Special Attack.

    This means activate your special, then avoid tapping on the screen while the Special activates. For instance, tap your combo (MLLLM), then hit the special button, then thumbs off the screen while the special starts, and then back into playing.

    That doesnt work at all. I have tested this countless times and died in AQ,AW, arena, and questing trying to use your 'work around'. I even paused the game, put the phone on the table, unpaused and pressed the special with just one index finger. The same issue occurs. This is not user error. WE just finally got the screen lag during fights decreased and now this has been happening for over a week. It seems to have been more frequent on Oct 2 than it had been prior. I know this may be embarrassing to admit but we the community are here to help. You mentioned previously that the community would begin to help beta test. I would suggest we do that with each patch as something new breaks every time a patch is released.

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    I am also having this issue, just lost a champ in AQ because of it. Very frustrating.
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    This is affecting more people more often than the fix to the previous problem. And the worst part is they knew it would happen from the start because they said it would in the post about fixing the dash back after specials.
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    And the don't tap your screen during the first few frames of a special is garbage. Try firing one at a dashing opponent or one that evades. Immediately cancels. Only way is to stun your opponent then fire a special
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    TrackerX55 wrote: »
    Unlike a real business software company Kabam doesn't have to actually face their customers and be held accountable. Their only accoutability is basically here in the forums and they can delete anything they deem counterproductive to their ends and they have done so. If one of my vendors failed to produce a product that failed to meet certain standard's they wouldn't get paid or would end up in court if it wasn't fixed in a timely manner. Nothing will change as long as the status quo remains as is and they aren't held accountable for their poor quality standards.

    Seams to me that Disney bought marvel . Wonder how they would like kabam running the marvel name into the ground. Those boys don't play any games in business they are a fierce company and make net marble like like a corner store in the country
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    Anyone experiencing this after the update? I got a few alliance members saying this wasn't fixed.
  • It wasn't fixed. Theres more bugs if anything
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    Still occurs, not as often as before but Im still having misfires on specials.
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    @Kabam Miike

    Hey, I've updated to 15.1.2 on my Android device but I'm still getting the same bug as before with SP's not working as intended, and my Vision not power draining / causing direct damage. For the love of god please take this back to the tech team and get it fixed!
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    ^ For clarity I did a complete uninstall and phone reset of the previous version first before downloading a fresh copy. Still bugged to high hell and back : /
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