5.2.6 — Pain in the Butt

Hey guys, I already got some tips for the collector but I wanted to know which was the easiest path in 5.2.6. What is it???


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    Your roster please?
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    Depends massively on your roster, but for me, when I completed it for the first time, I took out Kang, then took the path furthest to the top. Then went for Angela and Falcon. Then took the path starting with Venom. But, as I say, it depends who is in your roster.
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    As the dude above me said, it's all roster dependant on easiest path. I believe I did Kang, then Path E for my first run through
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    Apart from your roster, I could help you with this. ( Credits- Reddit)

    [Path A - Nine champs on this path. Villains here gain cruelty, and heroes don't gain power. All the enemies are villains.

    Path B - Eight champs here. You can't gain more than one bar of power, and the opponent gains power when you unleash a special.

    Path C - Six champs on this path. Your power is drained every 20 seconds, and you gain more power from hitting the enemy, but your power leaks over time.

    Path D - Six champs on this path. Their attacks are unblockable if they're under 25% health, and they reduce damage proportionate to missing health.

    Path E - Nine champs on this path. Power gain is increased by 50%, and all special attacks cause random effects on both champions.

    Path F - Eight champs on this path who have an increased crit rate, and special attacks get +50% damage on crit hits.]

    I took the 4th path, the one with 6 champs, and I can say you one thing, if you don't have someone Like quake, or someone who could hit like truck, please don't take this, for the unblockable is really really a pain. Note: it has a Punisher. If you don't mind playing against Iceman, I think you can Take the path C. Just personal opinion though.

    A poison Immune, for you can never know when scarlet witch haves it on you. Hard, really hard hitters are your best choice for collector. Don't hope to dex his specials, the are multi hit specials, so don't try unless you have a Nightcrawler ranked up, and you know to play him well. The Collector is Not immune to anything, so Nick was my Most valuable Champ. Don't worry if you had to use revives on him, Just, use it. But on whom you think is potent.
    The rest depends on your roster and your skill.

    Good luck!

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    Here is my roster, thanks for all your tips!

    Oooh 6* Strange. Wicked.
  • TerraTerra Posts: 5,029 ★★★★★

    I was happy when I got 15k 6 star shards only to get trash like them

    Hawkeye has his uses. Same with Strange. They're not bad pulls by any stretch
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    Well, I became uncollected anyway so that’s nice

    Very good
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    Well, I became uncollected anyway so that’s nice

    Why do so many people disagree with for no reason? They dare defy the POWER OF ME, THE COSMIC GHOST RIDER ?!?!
    I think they're daring you, bro
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    @Thanos1149 been a while since I did it but I think I took E on the first portal then A when I did initial clearance nothing too crazy in terms of nodes, there are 4 Corvus charges on that path too

    From your roster I would take AA (for collector) Corvus warlock doom and either torch or a 3* or 4* Proxima (if you have her and struggle with Gwens evade)

    Should be pretty straight forward until the collector which if you have some spare I would suggest boosting up for to save units and do as much damage as you can with AA
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