Do you still use your first r5?

Amazing_Demon05Amazing_Demon05 Posts: 2,754 ★★★★
After 25 r5s... For me well yes after all it was ghost :p


  • RockypantherxRockypantherx Posts: 3,373 ★★★★★
    My first R5 was a R2 6* Killmonger

    He’s now R3. Gets used quite a lot
  • EpistriatusEpistriatus Posts: 1,122 ★★★★
    Yes, Magik ftw
  • TheBair123TheBair123 Posts: 2,581 ★★★★★
    CMM. Use her in every quest of everything I do
  • Zura_1Zura_1 Posts: 181
    Ya...Claire for me..
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 12,467 ★★★★★
    Blade for and yes.
  • Bawa69Bawa69 Posts: 398 ★★★
    Mine was nick and he is a permanent in my questing team...
  • Thicco_ModeThicco_Mode Posts: 8,836 ★★★★★
    Warlock and it's warlock so I use him a lot
  • MollinaryMollinary Posts: 38
    My first it was Iceman and yes I using him maybe less often than before but is useful.
  • Will3808Will3808 Posts: 2,771 ★★★★
    Mine was ghost and yes, I definitely still use her.
  • Luke9523Luke9523 Posts: 501 ★★★
    My first R5 was Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) and he still gets used regularly.
  • KRoNX1KRoNX1 Posts: 1,090 ★★★★
    I have only one r5 and that's a CGR. So yeah, I still use.
  • Amazing_Demon05Amazing_Demon05 Posts: 2,754 ★★★★
    Mollinary said:

    My first it was Iceman and yes I using him maybe less often than before but is useful.

    I find him useful in war for hazard shift node
  • pseudosanepseudosane Posts: 1,096 ★★★★
    my first r5 was blade. STill use him in AQ. Second was my bae, magik. Still use her.
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,046 ★★★★★
    Pretty much never, was sparky and now I have a rank 3 ghost
  • TerraTerra Posts: 5,017 ★★★★★
    First r5 was my Doctor Voodoo.
    And yes, daily and everywhere
  • MauledMauled Posts: 2,629 ★★★★★
    Mine was Blade, he still gets brought out for his danger sense. Less than before as I’ve got a few R3s now but he’s still a monster in the right matchups
  • Light7Light7 Posts: 160
    I use my corvus every day
  • PulyamanPulyaman Posts: 1,892 ★★★★★
    Mine was Omega red. Still use him every month and for exploring act 6
  • Skillful_starSkillful_star Posts: 696 ★★★
    Hyperion and yes. He is still a beast and I still use him quite often.
  • GiuliameijGiuliameij Posts: 1,028 ★★★
    Yes, Corvus was my first and he is still one of my go to champs in a lot of content where health bars are below 250k.
  • 10or_Strong10or_Strong Posts: 1,005 ★★★
    Not very often. My first R5 was Sparky. He definitely still has his uses, but nothing like when I took him up at the height of the Holy Trinity's reign in the contest.
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