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Thoughts on AAR affecting triggers that benefit the attacker?



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    It makes sense
    AAR should affect every ability that has ability accuracy, unless the whole thing is immune for a specific reason.

    I do not want to get into a debate over whether it would be "better" or "worse" for a node to be affected by AAR, or for some players to say they want the AAR to trigger and some to say they don't, or for some champions to get preferential treatment when it comes to AAR and others not.

    The game rules should apply blindly and indiscriminately. They should not be NFL referees that decide whether to call pass interference or not based on what's "good for the game." Fortunately, we don't have game referees we have computer servers.
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    It makes sense
    HI_guys said:

    The whole point and intent of cav nodes was to help us.

    Actually, that's false. If that were true, we could solve the problem easily by just replacing all the nodes with attacker buffs. This isn't done, because that wasn't the whole point and intent of Cav nodes.

    The point and intent of Cav nodes was to create (what Kabam calls) RPG puzzles for the players to solve, and to build roster to take advantage of. Most of the beneficial effects in the Cav EQ aren't automatic: they require the player to activate them in some way. Most obviously by bringing the appropriate class attacker. But beyond that, they often demand certain kinds of game play, or certain champion abilities that are not always ubiquitous, and they don't always work in a straight forward way.

    Given that, there's no obvious reason why the "beneficial nodes" should always benefit the player. In fact, by design they don't, even outside the presence of AAR.
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