When are the slowdowns in the app and freezes going to stop?

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Still getting slowdowns and freezes in the middle of fights. These occur on more heavily buffed nodes and especially when the opponent fires specials. It freezes up and I can't move, but I can hear the opponent whaling on me sometimes. Then I lose. It's getting a bit silly and needs to be addressed. Been happening a lot more lately.
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    Yep game is quite unstable now.
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    Maybe never
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    Melengwu said:

    Maybe never

    Ya. I lost a number of fights over the last week, as well as units to complete the fight. Obviously, Kabam won't reimburse you which is why I'm gonna spend less on this game. Really bad of them.
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    Same here. And it seems like a never ending process
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    Kabam, a long time ago, used to compensate players for server maintenance issues quite often. Now, they do it rarely.

    I’m not talking about nexus crystals, but potions/revives/energy refills. We don’t even get those anymore, even though we are overdue. I mean, the Nick Fury bug has still not been fixed after months. It’s getting a bit ridiculous.

    exactly. I used to open up tickets, but now, their support is so bad, I don't open tickets and I can care less about helping improve their game or giving feedback on it because of the way they treat paying customers.
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