If one thing was deleted from MCoC that you wouldn't care much about what would it be

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Long title i seen longer ones but anyway what is one thing you wouldn't care or realize was deleted from the game for me it would be help button as I dont use it or help people with it much enough about me blah blah... what is something you guys would forget about?
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    I would vote ghost.
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    KRoNX1 said:

    Superior Iron Man

    Nooo , He was my first 6*.
    I need him in my roster to always remind me to never keep my hopes high
    He popped up in my 7.1 exploration nexus, along with Moon Knight and Og cap. I picked Moon Knight over him and got cursed. My next 6* gave me him. I want him deleted lol
    Mine was more like a tease. I always wanted a doom and when i saw two dooms on the reel close , I actually thought i am going to get him. Heck the crystal even stopped on him. I was so happy i jumped and laughed only to look back and see superior iron man. 😞
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    Global chat
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    DDHK. I literally have a deep hatred for him.
  • ADDIS0N said:

    Global chat.

    Same, I know I can turn it off but at this point there's too much cringe to look away
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    Daily Specials, I don't really look at them and say, "Why don't ya look at that, that right there is a steal" and buy it, kinda useless in my opinion. IDk lol, hahaha. Good question tho, really interesting mate.
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