What special attack would he use?

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    either or
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    It says right in the nodes.
    More likely does not only mean that special. You'll just have to bait alot more than normal.
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    @Terra but would he be more inclined to throw whichever special he got to first, or neither?
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    dot_ditto said:

    If I understand what those nodes actually do .. is they increase the % chance of them throwing those specials ... so they don't necessarily (?citation needed :P hehe) decrease the % chance of other specials ..

    In short, with those 2 nodes, he'll be very likely to throw sp1 .. however, if you get him to sp2 .. he'll be very likely to throw it as well.

    (I reserve the right to be completely wrong .. :P )

    (without knowing for sure whether that is completely wrong or not...)

    I’d venture to say that just taking SP2 link for example, not only would it increase the % chance that while in SP2 range that he would actually activate SP2. But I would also bet that the SP2 link ALSO lowers the % chance for their SP1 to activate (thus greater chance at holding back and letting it reach SP2, thus the “Bias”).
    So (guessing), increases the one mentioned, while decreasing the one (between 1/2) that is not.

    And so (assuming maybe the +/- % change is an equal + SP2 as well as - SP1, which not saying that the #'s are the same, but for argument), that having both links up would basically cancel each other out and would act as normal.
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    Think of it as an aggression node, but for specifically L1 and L2. It’s a reverse taunt for those two.
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