Guilly 2099 Thoughts?

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So I’ve been sitting on Rank 4-5 Tech gem. I have Starlord, Guilly 2099, and Vision. I know Guilly is the clear best champion but I just don’t know if I’ll ever use her since I already have Aegon. At least with Starlord I’d have the combo shield synergy. Plus, I’m not really familiar with her play style but do I have to use a special 3 every fight to end it? That seems very impractical. Am I crazy to take Starlord over Guilly 2099?

Guilly 2099 Thoughts? 35 votes

You’re certifiably insane - take Guilly to Rank 5 and don’t look back
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Meh - I see your point. Starlord has that synergy and Aegon is the better ramp up champ that you’d use anyway.
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    You do have to finish with the sp3 to start with 100 combo the next fight. She's good, don't get me wrong. Power drain, double immunities, some regen, digi cloak, reverse healing. I have Warlock, Guilly 2099, and Sentinel at r4. If I were to r5 somebody out of those 3 it might be Sentinel.

    Starlord is simple and straight forward. Same with Vision. You can't go wrong with any of those champs, but I'd lean towards Vision. Double immunites and awesome power control. Stupid simple to use
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    You’re certifiably insane - take Guilly to Rank 5 and don’t look back
    G2099 has a lot more utility than Star-Lord,
    yes ideally you want to end the fight with a special three so for longer fights it's easy to focus on your basic attacks while your power bars fill. If you don't end the fight with SP3 then you will notice a significantly longer next fight.
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    You’re certifiably insane - take Guilly to Rank 5 and don’t look back
    Do you realize she can get 6 stacks of combo shield and has a much better DAMAGE ramp than either of the two? (Ægon and SL) She is better than SL in every way unless you want a non-metal tech.

    Vision is aight but lacks any meaningful damage for ending fights. G2099 with the started 100 can nuke down an insane amount of enemies. No crits either so you are fine for things like sinister and spiked armor. (Unless you want to crit in which case activate your prefight and throw L2)

    Edit: You say you are unfamiliar with her abilities. Literally just read them; they are very simple. Best thing I learned without reading them is never use a prefight unless it is needed, and don’t forget two of them only activate at 100+ combo.
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    You’re certifiably insane - take Guilly to Rank 5 and don’t look back
    She's essentially a better starlord with utility. She doesn't overlap with Aegon at all, they have very different use cases.

    You have to end fights with a sp3 to carry over her combo but it's not a big deal in most content nowadays.
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