Is Mole Man Good for Act 6 and Beyond?

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So I just finished the Moon Knight Variant (which was so fun to use lower rarities) and got the 5* Crystal. Got MoleMan from it and heard he is really good.
But I never had Mole Man before and am wondering if those of you who’ve had for a while use him in Act 6 Content.
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  • DawsManDawsMan Posts: 1,745 ★★★★
    Yes watch karate mike's channel he has lots of good showcases and really likes molegod.
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    he is incredible.
    purify, unstopable, bleed ,shock, unblockable, permenant(kinda) passive true strike with bonkers damage.
    and his sig is realy underrated u can get 150k sp2s and double huge mediums with realy low health + max sig.
    and with guardian he gets realy nice block prof and doesnt lose his charges via block unstopable so you can play him with true strike freely.
  • ChaosMax1012ChaosMax1012 Posts: 1,909 ★★★★
    He carried me hard
  • SpicyslicerSpicyslicer Posts: 2,181 ★★★★
    Lol is that a real question? Yes. Yes he is.
  • ReignkingTWReignkingTW Posts: 80
    He's incredible.
  • TitoBandito187TitoBandito187 Posts: 1,529 ★★★★
    Love him, but worst heavy reach in the game. Worse than HB in that regard. Can't heavy punish in the corner and much more difficult to use his heavy to punish specials unless you can parry first. Still a great champ, but I'm amazed this is rarely brought up.

    Fyi, I have him as my first skill 6* R3 champ, and no regrets, but that one aspect can be frustrating at times.
  • Charlie21540Charlie21540 Posts: 542 ★★★
    He has easily became one of my favorite champs. The only thing I wish they would adjust with him is his reach on his heavy attacks.
  • SeraphionSeraphion Posts: 1,491 ★★★★
    I love him bc he works very good with suicides
  • NockoNocko Posts: 590 ★★★
    Im 500 shards away from making him my second skill R3 champ
    Love him, awesome champ
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    Sorry, I am not trying to be a grammar police but You've got the spelling wrong,
    It is Mole God, not the Mole Man.

    Oh and he is awesome by the way :smile:
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  • Sparx265Sparx265 Posts: 259
    yea is great for it. I have him at r5 and have used him in act 7, a couple variants, and even more stuff. He is awesome.
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    Something tells me this answer is biased
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    he's probably second best skill champ if you don't count aegon (aegon being specially good for certain things only)
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