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Is the 6* Dr. Strange decent?

jdrum663jdrum663 Posts: 551 ★★
edited September 2021 in Strategy and Tips
This isn't a veiled brag post. I just pulled him as a 6* and I'm not sure what to think. I know people were paying for him a bit ago so I kind of thought, "yay" but then I remembered he's still Dr. Strange. Basically there's nothing special about him, right? I'm thinking some people just wanted him because he was finally available as a 6*. Am I missing something? I wasn't bummed to get him, I like him just fine. I wasn't thrilled either, I was very unaffected. So, if you care to, help me out if I'm missing something as I think I've got other Mystics that do what he does only better. Thanks in advance!
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  • TheBair123TheBair123 Posts: 5,343 ★★★★★
    not great, could be better. might get buffed in the future
  • jdrum663jdrum663 Posts: 551 ★★
    Actually it could've been the 5* they were buying, I forget. Either way, I'm referring to the 6*, thanks!
  • RebarkRebark Posts: 289 ★★★
    Yes, it's decent, but it's far from one of the top 10 mystics
  • jdrum663jdrum663 Posts: 551 ★★
    Yeah, he was a beast before 12.0, I hated fighting him then, thanks!
  • jdrum663jdrum663 Posts: 551 ★★
    Rebark said:

    Yes, it's decent, but it's far from one of the top 10 mystics

    Ok, thanks. I just wanted a little confirmation, it's very appreciated.
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 21,526 ★★★★★
    @Terra has a six star rank 3
  • ReferenceReference Posts: 2,897 ★★★★★
    Average champ, a potential candidate for buff……I told myself whenever I saw 6* DS in my roster during arena grind.
  • JuggerNotJuggerNot Posts: 431 ★★
    I mean at max sig he has quite a powerful nullification, but I doubt he's getting sig stones from anyone lol.
  • TamamortTamamort Posts: 59
    No head a potato. Even if they returned him to his pre 12.0 state he’d still not be close to op
  • Pre 12.0, he was brokenly good. Just fire sp3 when the purple circle appeared and you're back at full health. Back then all stats were on a percentage scale too, so you got perfect blocks during the armor up phase which was REALLY nice. Also his blessings rotated every 7 seconds instead of 9, so you got power pretty quickly. His damage output is mediocre, but that doesn't really matter since his survivability was insane. People used to fight the maestro (hardest boss at the time) on his buffed lanes with 3* DS since he could nullify that arc overload. Best part was that you didn't need him duped to be good, unlike SW and Thor.
  • I'm really glad Kabam has decided to stop nerfing the super OP champs and started buffing the weaker ones to help decrease the power ratio of champions.
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