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Why KABAM wants to make the gap between f2p and whales bigger ?



  • DNA3000 said:

    Gogata said:

    I am just wondering why would you screw up so many players?
    With the introduction of the t6 items has been a while and some players have already more than 2 champs at r4, and f2p players have half of the resources needed for 1 champ, and with that tempo will get one when 7.2.4 is released in the best case scenario, by that time whales will have all of their top 5 prestige champs at r4 and we will get 1 and the prestige battle is impossible, alliances are falling a part anyway, now I see ppl getting kicked out because they are under 13k prestige, players like me that have the roaster and the skills to clear any new content in the first day or two. The only thing that is new is the EQ that takes like 7 days to be 100% because of the energy needed, I have stopped doing arena because it is insanely boring and 2nd I have 17 6*r3, and 61 6^r1or2, and when I grind vs 100 random whales that have decided they want that 6* champ aswell it is simply impossible to qualify. So basicly AQ, AW and arena top rewards are occupied with the same people. Don't say that f2p can do it too like that dude Brian G because he does that for living and spends like 6 hours a day on it and there are probably less than 10 like him in the entire community and even he is not close to take a champ to r4.
    I love the game and everything but as endgame player now my only option is to compete in AQ or AW but they are pay to win, for Arena if I give 15 hours a day, set alarms to wake me up at 5 a.m to do new cycle of my champs maybe I have a shot to be in the top100 but if that sounds normal or doable to you ... go see a doctor

    There is no way an f2p is EVER keeping up with spenders. Remove that illusion from your mind. You can NEVER keep up. What you can do is play at your comfort without stress and try to do your best to help however you can. Keeping up isnt an option. Not even the most hardcore f2p hold a candle to keeping up.
    I think the problem is people think it is unfair that non-spending cannot keep up with spending, that spending has a *special* advantage. But actually, spending doesn't have a special advantage that grinding the game doesn't have, at least outside of extreme situations. Rather, most of the top players don't *just* spend. They play the game *and* spend.

    The F2P vs Whale comparison is a bit of a false dichotomy. The more proper comparison is between grinder vs grinder+spender. Of course the player who both grinds out the content of the game *and* spends is going to do better than the player that grinds out the game but doesn't spend. One of them is doing more. This should be obvious.

    If you just want to play the game, even to very high levels, you don't need to spend. I won't drag Brian into this example, there are lots of examples of free to play accounts that are basically capable of doing everything in the game. Not spending doesn't hold you back from playing the content of the game. But if you want to compete with other players, you have to compete on their level. If they are doing the Abyss, you have to do the Abyss. If they are exploring Act 7, you have to explore Act 7. And if they are dumping a thousand dollars a month or more into their accounts, you have to do the same. If you don't, you have to make that up somewhere. There are ways to keep up with someone spending hundreds of dollars a month - you can grind arena for hours a day. But there are not many opportunities to catch up with thousands of dollars a month. At that point, at the very very top, if you want to compete, you have to compete on their terms.

    If you could compete with them without doing the things they are doing, that would actually be unfair.
    while i do agree, the spending gives a resource advantage that f2p cannot overcome. Thats what i'm calling an illusion, you can probably do what you can, but there is no way that an f2p can ever match a spender in the prestige race.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,092 ★★★★★

    The gap between F2P and P2W is and will always be insurmountable. Time to move on.

    This. I don't know why people envision this imaginary competition between paying Players and free Players, but those that don't spend are always going to have a disadvantage compared to those who do. Fortunately, what this game allows is for both of them to play alongside each other. The idea that one is going to take over or pass the other is moot.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,092 ★★★★★
    *By disadvantage I mean spending Players will have the advantage of what they buy. There's no keeping up with that. Nor do people even need to.
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