Who to R5? KingPin, Nick Fury or Falcon?

All 5 star; sitting at R4, awakened (between 50-80. have 100+ skill gems). Inclined to go for Falcon, as I like the new kit. havent used KingPin much. I dont run suicide masteries- occasionally recoil..


  • Barani7daBarani7da Posts: 653 ★★
    Definitely nick
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    Thanks. Seems like Nick will be the answer from everyone. ;) Additional info. I am hoping to complete Act 6 this year. Stopped doing story quest since becoming cavalier. Anywhere Falcon be useful?
    I have 6r3 Dragon man, 6r2 Hercules, HB, iHulk, Ghost and Bishop;
    Doom, CAIW, Claire, Domino, Archangel, Void, Colossus, Corvus and Hyperion as 5r5.
    Skill is a class where i always deferred ranking up to R5. So have many at r4- Aegon, NF, Kill Monger, Kingpin, Falcon, Blade, Hit Monkey and Cross bones
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    Falcon will be useful in a lot of places but NF is just a better all rounder. All 3 are worthy of R5. If your Aegon is a decent sig he’s worth ranking up too. After the first fight he’s got access to most of his utility and is a good all rounder and one of the better options for some of the annoying lanes in Act 6.
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