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Does anyone else think this is insane when we can’t get decent compensation for the game being broke for 8 months?
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    That does not sound that crazy. It’s a nice starting boost to an account but nothing more. 3 r4 5 stars possibly awakened along with 1 6 star

    Having to start your account over on a new game should be compensated well
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    this is real?

    I doubt it's real, but as someone who's been playing the game since launched, I'd be happy just to have these rewards come in out of nowhere. Would be nice, but its not happening

    Edit: I see what you are saying now. This is NOT this game but that realm of champions game. Nevermind, but I knew it was too good to be true.
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    "And more"? Lol what.

    They're already getting 10 mil gold, a 6* champ, great amounts of iso from the ridiculous number of 4*, 3*, and 5* nexus crystals...(and obviously the other stuff but I just listed the items I care about from that selection).

    Don't understand how or why playing that game grants "compensation" in this game. I'd understand maybe giving a 5* selector for those MROC champs to people who were loyal to that game as a thank you, but giving them this seems kinda ridiculous IMO.

  • Now I need to know if I let those reqs
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    Does this work if I get avenger rank before the game closes?
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    I am curious to know though how much time and effort was required to meet those requirements since I know very little on mroc. I do hope it’s a significant time or money investment and not like doing 500 fights in mcoc because that’s pretty much nothing
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    Do you have to win 500 battles or just play 500 battles?
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