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Is it just me or is Bishop insanely over powered with very few counters?
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    OG vision, AOU Vision, Ghost, Warlock, Colossus, Void, Antivenom, War Machine, Cap SW, Howard (with Bishop synergy), P99, Peni, even Starky can do it.
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    He is tricky, for sure. It's easy enough to deal with the prowess build-up if you're fighting him with a tech champion, but his incinerates are harder to deal with. If he launches an SP1, my strategy is usually to block him and then just dash back, trying to wait out the Steady Release timer at a safe distance. However, I usually play really aggressively in order to push him to his SP2. Assuming you can dodge it or he doesn't have enough prowess for it to be unblockable, it's much easier to deal with.

    This chart is helpful for keeping track of which champions are immune to incinerate. It's from the beginning of 2022 so it's fairly up-to-date.
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    Big part of fighting Bishop is knowing who not to use. At first blush, Nimrod seems like an obvious counter, but his energy damage feeds Bishop. Peni is great usually but her Sp2 incinerates, which is a no-no. Mystics—well, most of them don’t fare well.

    Good chart @Ercarret

    Dr. Zola
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    OG vision, AOU Vision, Ghost, Warlock, Colossus, Void, Antivenom, War Machine, Cap SW, Howard (with Bishop synergy), P99, Peni, even Starky can do it.

    You forgot my all-time favorite Bishop counter: Vulture. Really nice with his power drain.
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    Yondu now
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    Silver Surfer is a favorite of mine. He has 100% incinerate resistance, so the steady release off the sp1 just gives you free willpower healing and additional physical burst damage. Additionally, if you time things right you can just use his heavy phase mechanic to bypass Bishop’s tricky to dex specials.

    I use my r4 surfer against Bishop in Battlegrounds pretty much every time and he absolutely rinses him.
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    I still use nimrod even though you are not supposed to. I have gotten the one shot on bishop war bosses with ole nimmy
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    I have no idea how I missed this in my previous comment but high sig angela is great for bishop too. I have used my rank 4 against bishops in war on multiple occasions. Easy fight.
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    Punisher 2099, red hulk
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    This thread will come in handy
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    I use six star Bishop in Alliance Quest and if the opponent is fireproof, that usually gives me a lot more grief than anything else so it really comes down to how many Prowler charges he has as well as whether or not the opponent is Fireproof
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    ChiliDog said:

    Yondu now

    People go "Lol" to your comment but it's true.

    I used Yondu vs a few Bishops not to long ago and yup. He cuts him up VERY nicely.

    Now you may go "But doesn't he make him bleed to overload?" Yeah but bleeds don't give him any prowess so he's just overloaded with no damage to you unlike Shock or Incinerate where he gains and loses prowess just by having them on unlike bleed and since Yondu is Tech, he gains no prowess from being hit.

    "But doesn't he have unblockable specials". This is where Yondu's sig comes into play. Mine is only sig 20 and I can't always fully dodge Bishop's sp2 but so what? I just got hit by the end of it and has the Incinerate on Yondu. The last hit did like 2% (Bishop had about 8k attack) due to having at least 4 weakness on Bishop and the following Incinerate was just free willpower cuz it's so weak.

    Point is. Yondu IS a Bishop counter.
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    Ultron works for Bishop
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    Kitty pride
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    Yondu is a Bishop slayer now. Love my 5/65.
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    He wasn’t mentioned above but I’ve been using Ultron vs most bishops.

    Ultron buff was terrific. He was my first max sig 4*, but the 6* continues to elude me.

    Dr. Zola
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