The game is unplayable since a few days, we need compensations

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Still unbelievable that Kabam stopped giving compensations already some months ago when the inputs are getting sometimes totally out of control.

How can we even try to enjoy AW, where ressources costs so much, if we loose a fight not because of our skills but because the defender go through our blocks like it would be butter. I just used ressources to get my champion to full health and I got smashed in one second because of a bug.

I postponed my exploration of 8.1 to another time because it's just NOT fun. Luckily we can farm revive so the impact is less worst than in AW but still.

Kabam please do something, or at least just aknowledge in a public post that something is going on, because you never reacted to any of the almost daily complaints. Or maybe you stopped trying to find a solution and we will just need to be use to it forever. In that case at least reduce the costs of useful ressources to compensate the frustration of these bugs.


  • You just need a better gaming chair and everything will fix itself
  • JeancrbJeancrb Posts: 103
    Pikolu said:

    You just need a better gaming chair and everything will fix itself

    Don't worry my gaming chair is fine, helped me to reach Gladiator Circuit with not a single R4 and not so many 6r3. I've also ended top 2000 in the Beta version. If I it was about my skills or if I didn't have had confirmations from other players I would have not post.

    but I know I'm not the only want to experience these bugs, and especially more since two-three days. And it has been going on for a while, I just don't understand why Kabam doesn't make any statement.

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    I haven’t had many issues. 8.1 was pretty fun without these issues you speak of.
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    While I don't speak for everyone, I can surely say that fights are very clunky on my end with a lot of frame drops/lag and it does seem to have recently gotten worse.
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    I have been working on 8.1 exploration and there is only one issue: random heavy throw. I am willing to admit, that all other stuff is my mistake (by that I mean Cable's long af heavy, champs w lightning fast heavies etc), but randomly thrown heavy is a thing that's not my mistake.

    I know why it happens, during combo I tap the right side of my screen and sometimes, the game lags. Not often, but it happens. And in a few cases the lag perfectly synchronises w my taps, so the two taps are actually read as one long hold (like if you blink and miss the finger lift, from your POV the finger never left the screen).

    This "issue" has cost me couple revives&potions already. I don't necessarily call for compensation, but I don't see this as my mistake, so naturally I feel a bit wronged. You know, losing a perfect fight thanks to this is just mildly infuriating. Or at the very least frustrating.
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