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How would the game be if we could play as a defender?
I mean actually playing, not placing a defender like in AW or BG.
Let’s say Kabam figures a way to deal with the controls, wouldn’t it be interesting to actively use all of those champions with specific defensive abilities ?

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    You mean actual pvp? Imagine people holding block in corners the whole fight

    I think OP means as the defender but not specifically pvp
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    I never meant a pvp. I mean, you take a champ that has specific defensive abilities, like Wong where the mandalas switches every 8 seconds. This only happens as a defender. Now it would be interesting to see how those specific champs would work when we actually have control. Maybe a dedicated game mode, like reverse quest where you choose a team of defender and see how many attackers you can defeat.
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    it would be fun to have a game mode where we control the champion on the right side of the screen, just like a defender, with defender skills. I definitely wouldn't want this to be part of the game, but I would love to have this experience at an event one day.
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    We have other problems in game now
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