Item Drops in High Difficulties

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I think it’s about time Kabam increase the level of potions seen at higher difficulties, and even drop some more revives in there. Alternatively, just make health potions restore 10/20/40/60/100% health (or something like that).

Like, why is a 1650 health potion dropping in Thronebreaker difficulty? Lol

Exact same argument for ISO.

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    Kabam has been trying to catch up with themselves it seems. Revamping AW and AQ rewards. Increasing the amount of gold we get.

    But now ISO is a problem because many of us are getting loads of new 6 stars, especially since cyber and banquet.

    Health pots really do just need to be a percentage at this point. Health pools have eclipsed what they used to be.
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    I asked this question a long time ago and little has changed. It is only recently that we have had % revives added instead of point specific revived like our wonderful 250 health that we started getting when aqs first ran in beta.
    I pointed out that the star ratings on the boxes really mean nothing and that when we are running cav or a pargon material, the boxes should drop more than t3 iso and those garbage quest crystals, and the paths should have higher tier restores and revives, certainly better than act 1 material.
    It is utterly stupid to hand out t1 and 2 restores and t2 revives on a cav, thronebreaker or pargon path!
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    K00shMaan said:

    It's funny because even getting the Silver potions in EQ is a rather recent development. If you are lucky you can find 2 revives on the same tile. Do agree that potions are starting to get to that point where they straight up need to be redeveloped

    100% agree with this. Ever increasing health pools on champions are phasing out these potions as inferior... why do i need 20 potions to fully heal a champ. Thats pretty stupid
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    The whole potion system needs to reworked. Or at least add higher level potions that aren’t behind a paywall or the Sigil store
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