Mastery point recovery/cores.

I have recently recovered my mastery points in the offense tree and when reallocating my points, I noticed that I need to buy all of the mastery cores again! Any help would be appreciated. Support have been useless so far!


  • You don’t have to buy Mastery Cores again (for the SAME mastery tree nodes).

    Once you have a node “unlocked” before, it remains unlocked even after resetting your masteries. Same goes for those “large” unlock Unit cost nodes too like Precision/Cruelty, which are high amount of Units, not Cores. They remain unlocked too.

    **But, the smaller incremental costs (5 Units, or Gold, etc) here and there do indeed need to be paid again every time.
    But those are NOT Cores, and are called Level ups, not Unlocks.

    **And, if you thought you would get your Cores back upon reset, and can use them for DIFFERENT nodes ? Nope. Your Cores keep an existing node unlocked.
  • CøñdĕmñĕđCøñdĕmñĕđ Posts: 37
    Only have to buy cores to unlock rest to 3 once unlocked it remains unlocked
  • RamskillRamskill Posts: 2
    I understand that. I have reallocated my points a few times without having to buy the cores again. But this time the nodes are locked. See screenshot. I did buy the 2 stony cores again to unlock Pierce then realised it should already be unlocked.

  • CøñdĕmñĕđCøñdĕmñĕđ Posts: 37
    I don’t know unless it’s a bug mines remained unlocked on those unlocked not asking for more cores just mastery points as I’m at max points
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