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Dragon Man or America Chavez?

Which 7* would you take to R2 first? Neither is duped.

Dragon Man or America Chavez? 28 votes

America Chavez
PantherusNZSighsohardNabz034NesciopseudosaneLogan00Yoko poPikoluLordSmasherjcphillips7RenaxqqBen_15455ReptoidDeepworldThePredator1001Licky13579rebel_Raul_ColombiaXFREEDOMX 19 votes
Dragon Man
TerraAyden_noah1Ewell65SSS69Bawa69TheExit27Ansh_AShineUpLinkLegotb27Mohammad07 9 votes


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    America Chavez
    Chavez is the better dual-use imo. Ability power rate reversion is great for a lot of matchups
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    klobberintymeklobberintyme Posts: 1,505 ★★★★
    Practice one against the other. Whoever kills the other quicker is the one.

    Or DM if you just want a defender.

    Disclosure: I'm incredibly biased

    She's so fun to use everywhere
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    America Chavez
    Chavez ftw
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