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Are two 7 stars worth 4,444 units?

I’m just as disappointed in the Caps Commissary event like most, but if I spend 4,444 units on 6 star shards in the Caps Commissary store, I can trade in 11 featured crystals for a 7* and hit the event’s top milestone. So I’ll ask it this way, are two 7 stars worth 4,444 units?

Are two 7 stars worth 4,444 units? 85 votes

Absolutely not, it’s a trap
GarryDKChadhoganSecondSkrillerbuffajrzuffySpeedbumpTerraDemonzfyreUnyonfaceWardenclockSyndicatedrockykostonDarkness275Logan00MoosetiptronicSavageBreaker69spiderbites0196RookiieQacobUsagicassidy 40 votes
Yes, pull the trigger
DrZolaCropDusterThatGuyYouSaw235RockyshockyPikolulaserjohn26Annihilator13_[Deleted User]RonSwansonAzenstarThe_0wenpusThe_losttierJoneenyoDONALDTRUMPMohammad0795Don 16 votes
Yes, but I’d still save my units for Cyber Weekend and/or Banquet Event
GuzmaCassyFurious_Fighter1Ackbar67Malreck04_Sham_ItsClobberinTimeGardoshRenaxqqahmynutsBatman_bruce31BustergdudeWOLF_LINKSceptilemaniac2Ace2319CyrillFromTulaWasy1xp21UltragamerSuperBKG 29 votes


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    It depends on you. If you are a grinder like me, 4.4k units is about a months worth of arena grinding ( without bcs or other sources considered) and sometimes it could be worth it. Full disclosure, I'm not doing it, since I'd have to spend more than that. But it could be worth it if you are a grinder and a collector and are sitting on a pile of units.
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    Yes, pull the trigger
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    SyndicatedSyndicated Posts: 613 ★★★
    Absolutely not, it’s a trap
    With cyberweek in front? To get way better things? No thanks
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    Mike3034Mike3034 Posts: 27
    Thanks for the feedback!
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