Game shut down itself

I'm an Android user. After you fixed log in issue I'm having this issue where game shut down itself at the end of arena fight. So far this happened only twice but this can cause big trouble. I'm not loosing my points or fights though but i can not tolerate this in AQ or AW.
I'm also having that "0 MB download" message each time I log in. I don't know whether this is fixed or not.
My devices is Lenovo z2 plus and using latest android 7.0.
Please look into the situation and looking forward to your reply.


  • Salvy4Salvy4 Posts: 85
    I have the same issue. Everytime i log in, i get that pop-up. Also mune shuts down after i win an arena fight. Starting to get annoying
  • DeadcarlDeadcarl Posts: 47
    Same thing for me, Galaxy S6(android), game crashed 20 times since the update. I reinstalled the game, still doign it. Game crashes always at the end of fights, doesnt get punished but pain in the ass when you grind for Voodoo and game crashes. I have the same ''0 MB download'' pop up too
  • KappaluzzoKappaluzzo Posts: 42
    Yup, after you win a fight, immediately the game just shuts down. This happens only after he fix on the log in problem. Luckily, the match won was never lost.

    I never had any technical issue before this and my phone's specs have all the power to runs the game well.
  • thekidm8thekidm8 Posts: 12
    Same here, galaxy s6 and game crashes after a couple fights either in aq or questing
  • Rahul_ContestRahul_Contest Posts: 105
    Ok...This time it happened in​ AQ and i lost my champ.
  • AhongAhong Posts: 11
    Same here, redmi note2. The game shut down after fight in arenas and AQ as well.
  • Rahul_ContestRahul_Contest Posts: 105
    As i said if they don't fix this ASAP then this can cause big trouble.
  • JaffacakedJaffacaked Posts: 1,416 ★★★★
    Same here,
    Moto g4
  • Game shut down after arena win happened to me a couple of times too. Yeah it's great that it recovers the fight and don't give you an auto loss, but for those competing in arenas, it becomes a serious disadvantage.
  • JjelgJjelg Posts: 6
    This has happened to me in both arena and alliance quests. Luckily like most it remains a win.
  • Rahul_ContestRahul_Contest Posts: 105
    Well they can keep pushing new things but can't fix the old ones! Great job.
  • This hasnot happened to me yet suprisingly I'm sorry for everyone who's having this problem though ;-;
  • DeadcarlDeadcarl Posts: 47
    Still hapenning to me to this day, can it be fixed ffs
  • Rahul_ContestRahul_Contest Posts: 105
    Same here
  • DeadcarlDeadcarl Posts: 47
    Still havent been fixed yet? comon, that bug has been up for more than a month now!
  • Kabam WolfKabam Wolf Posts: 1,277 ★★★
    Hey there @Rahul_Contest. I have a master thread running about this issue here, so please refer there for updates. Thanks!
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