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Game crashing at the end of fights [Under Investigation]

CykGuitaristCykGuitarist Posts: 60
edited June 2017 in Bugs and Known Issues
It hasn't cost me my arena streak, or made me use revives or health yet, thankfully, but I have been having issues with the game crashing as soon as I try to skip the end-fight animation. It still gives me credit for the win, but figured it is an issue that should be addressed

Android phone
Version 7.0
Model number: SM-G930V
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  • Puma911Puma911 Posts: 2
    Same issue
  • PeacockJazzPeacockJazz Posts: 120
    I too have had this same issue. It happens quite often if you tap like crazy at the end of fights to skip through everything. I haven't had it happen when I don't skip. Positive thing is you still get credit for the win. I had is happen in both AQ and AW and was worried about not getting the win.
  • Dakine86Dakine86 Posts: 239
    5 times now during one gold realm run. This is getting out if hand.
  • Feeney234Feeney234 Posts: 1,157 ★★★★
  • Kabam WolfKabam Wolf Posts: 1,277 ★★★
    edited June 2017
    Hey everyone. Could the rest of you that are having this issue please post your device information as @CykGuitarist did in the original post? Also, does this happen with specific champions or game modes more often? Thanks!
  • KishoteKishote Posts: 5
    Same issue. Android 5.0
    Blu Studio Energy 2
    I do not see a pattern on which characters or where it happens. It just happened to me in arena w/ quake, it has happened to me multiple times w/ GR in AQ. These aren't the only times, it's just the last I remember. I always get credit for win.
  • DramioneDramione Posts: 76
    It's happened to me three time now. Only in Arena, and only when the second match ends. Weird.

    Android 5.0
    Samsung Note 3

  • LightMagiciansLightMagicians Posts: 42
    Galaxy J7
    Android 6.0.1
    Model number SM-J700H
  • Rahul_ContestRahul_Contest Posts: 105
    Samsung galaxy grand prime android 5.1 and
    Lenovo z2 plus android 7.0.
    I lost cap WW2 in AQ because of this
  • Animesh_95Animesh_95 Posts: 15
    Same here
    Device- samsung galaxy j7 prime
    Android version- 6.0.1
    Model no.- SM-G610F
  • Puma911Puma911 Posts: 2
    Game exits after fights
    Device: Asus Zenfone 3 max 5.5
    Android version: 7.0.1

  • ARKANG3L_2099ARKANG3L_2099 Posts: 129
    Samsung Galaxy S7
    Android OS. 6.0.1
    Game crash when fight ends.
  • RukhaRukha Posts: 4
    Happens the same to me
    Android 5.1.1
    Lenovo A6020I36
  • LeilyndLeilynd Posts: 15
    Same for me. I'm on Android - Galaxy S6. It happens with random champs I use, in all game modes.
  • freyfrey Posts: 5
    android version 7.0
    htc 10
  • Salvy4Salvy4 Posts: 84
    Same for me, crashes at end if fight, alot now

    Samsung galaxy s7
  • Feeney234Feeney234 Posts: 1,157 ★★★★
    Same issue.

    Only have experienced this in my tab

    Android version 6.0.I
    Device type: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
    Model number: SM-T818T

    I have noticed this althrought the game, from arena to questing. The only thing in common I notice is that the game crashes IMMEDIATELY as the fight is over. And I mean the split second someone gets defeated. No Xp and rewards screen thingy, just the home screen of my device.
  • Saqib2012Saqib2012 Posts: 2
    Post 13.1 update, I have been experiencing a new "crash" issue. My game crashes unexpectedly at the end of arena fights (which had never ever happened before). It has happened multiple times, each time at the end of the fight. Please note and fix.
    Device: Huawei Honor 4c
    Model Number: ALE-L21
    Build Number: ALE-L21C185B180
    OS: Android Version 5.0.1
  • PeacockJazzPeacockJazz Posts: 120
    Device: LG G5
    Android 7.0
    Issue has only happened like 5 times for me but they were different champs in different areas of the game. I will pay attention the next time it happens and be more specific.
  • MEKA5MEKA5 Posts: 344 ★★
    Same here...the last time happening it also crashed the whole system and my device rebooted.
    Motorola XT1563
    Android 7.1.2
  • MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 913 ★★★
    I have posted about this twice now in the past week.

    Samsung Galaxy s7
    Android 7.0
  • Kabam WolfKabam Wolf Posts: 1,277 ★★★
    Hey all. I sent this to the team, and I will let you know as soon as I have an update for you. Thanks so much for hanging in there while we look into this.
  • Same issue.

    Google Pixel
    Android 7.1.2
  • brownchr014brownchr014 Posts: 35
    Android 7.0
    S7 edge
    it happens to me in arena mostly
  • Wing_NutzWing_Nutz Posts: 5
    Android 7.0
    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    Happens everywhere. AQ, AW, event quests, arenas. There have been instances where rewards show up in storage and some not.
  • Feeney234Feeney234 Posts: 1,157 ★★★★
    Wing_Nutz wrote: »
    Android 7.0
    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    Happens everywhere. AQ, AW, event quests, arenas. There have been instances where rewards show up in storage and some not.

    That's a good point about some rewards being in the stash. I've noticed that too now that you bring it up.
  • winniewinwinwinniewinwin Posts: 178
    Never happened to me until updating today. Now it's rampant.
    Moto Z Force.
    Most recent Android update
    Hmmmm another android bug
    Add android s8 to the list
    I havent even used the update yet
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