Hulkbuster RAIDs Assault Boost debate

KeonexKeonex Posts: 303 ★★★
Best Boosts for Hulkbuster in RAIDS Crit Crusher or DoT

Hulkbuster RAIDs Assault Boost debate 30 votes

crit crusher
Heinz11xNigBigTuna_2054Cat_MurdockMattManHilldarpigupompomFishhhCdjcdkjDeamon1337KazoraxCharlie21540udyedagainschmalz5willrun4adonutDoomflameKlippGaborrrrrQueenMcoc 19 votes
Dot Boost
PikoluKaratemike415Skydad23JJBoy19CrcrcrcGeneralMerceDarthMysticNoahSansman 8 votes
mostlyharmlessnSamuraiguyKingering_King 3 votes


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    PikoluPikolu Posts: 6,817 Guardian
    Dot Boost
    The DoT boost also affects his sp1 stun, so a few intercepts and sp1 into block means they're stunned until you're at 2 bars of power. It just completely shuts down the whole fight
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    FishhhFishhh Posts: 8
    crit crusher
    Anyone having problem with Thanos as hes not getting debiliate debuff from intercepts?
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    Dot Boost
    The debilitates from intercepting are cracked on him
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