Taskmaster not applying exploit weaknesss [Not A Bug]

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I got taskmaster 5 star out of featured so I thought to test him and at start I parried and done heavy so didn't have to wait for the timer so after I connected with that hit it didn't do the direct damage 92zdphysw1e0.png
What the damage should do yet it just gives me a red timer without the actually exploit weakness going on
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    I have the same issues since yesterday’s crashes, he was working fine the day before. They need to fix this
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    I want my 15k shards back then since when first looked at him by vids though he could be good for rank 3 since also have hawkeye so once my hawkeye is awakened it could be good but now seeing this I just feel like a waste fix please kabam a great champ of the direct damage yet no exploit weakness gets applied fix asap
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    Hey folks. I just tested this, and Taskmaster seems to be doing the direct damage for me. Could you provide a screenshot or video of this happening? Thanks.
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    He applies the direct damage but not the exploit weakness debuff but got a confirmation on chat that it's his awakened ability that applies the debuff but I haven't really got an awakened taskmaster so would need someone that has his dup but I haven't really had him long so wouldn't know too much on his abilities I would of thought he applied the exploit still but seems I'm wrong by chats I'm in can u close this please kabam wolf
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    Ah I see. Well, I'm glad you were able to get this figured out. I will go ahead and close out the thread. Thanks for letting me know!
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