Losing control of champs [Under Investigation]



  • @Kabam Miike

    Can we get confirmation this is fixed in the new patch coming out?
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    I just discovered something that shines a new light on this issue. I don't think it's about us just standing there not responding, I think, and this video I captured seems to prove it out, that the AI is just recovering SO FAST after a combo that there isn't ANY time to do anything before they combo you into oblivion. Let me know what you all think. I'm going to open a separate thread on this too.


    Yes some ppl have said it happens a lot after you do a 5 hit combo. Others say it happens most often if there is lag at the beginning of a match.

    There are triggers I believe, but my champs as I've posted earlier in this thread, will release a block mid combo after the first few hits. That's not a timing/AI issue it just seems like a glitch. There's no reason I shouldn't be able to entirely block Green Goblins special 1 every single time.
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    I'm gonna try and get my girl to record a bunch of fights for me. Cause the amount of time that they just stop reooding is crazy.
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    Stop responding* is crazy.
  • iPhone 7+
    Quest, War, AQ
    Kamala Khan against vision is Act 5.
    Crossbones vs pretty much anyone and mod combo he would have a big opening for the person I'm fighting to combo him into oblivion.
    Same thing with Rogue, Rocket(sometimes), Gwenpool, captain marvel, AOU vision, Karnak.
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    Ar this point we can't even keep our alliance above 25 members because ppl ARE QUITTING THIS BROKEN GAME LEFT AND RIGHT!
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    Yeah this issue is not so new Mike.
    I experience these too.
    Device: iPad Air 2
    OS: iOS (always the latest, it was there a few system before) 10.3.3
    It happens with any champ, anywhere...
    You should start fixing the bugs you cause with every single update.
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    Device and OS - - iPad Pro and iPhone 7S
    A specific fight where you've seen this
    - Champ you used - any hero I use
    - Enemy Champ - any enemy
    - Game mode - 100% of my aw fights and 60% of my AQ fights (could not detect a particular node that us causing this)
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    Can Admins admit this is a problem and start investigation? This issue has been reported consitatntly in these forums and it seems we cant get any recognition that this is an issue. People get frustrated because it feels like we are being ignored. You guys work hard but we need to know you see us and you will bring this up as bug. Thanks

    @Kabam Miike
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    This has been happening to me a lot in AQ this past month and much more this current AQ week. I play on an iPad. Today, fighting the second Mordo on day 5 map 5, my players kept becoming unresponsive after a dash back at least 10 times over 3 different champs. Sometimes after evading a special, after evading a regular attack, or a heavy, didn't matter. It's extremely frustrating and makes me want to quit. Took 3 champs to down him even though I didn't mess up once on my own. The game is definitely still broken and has serious issues.
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    You guys asked for info. We posted. Can we get a recognition that the issue will be addressed?
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    <knock> <knock>?
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    Hey @Kabam Miike just try out Quake. She's kind of a good example of characters not working properly. Whenever u dash back and go to hold for a heavy and put on some charges. I find myself having to tap 2 or even 3 times for her to even start responding to holding down for a heavy. It absolutely terrible and happens every time you try so should be easy to replicate and feel for yourselves.
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    I had my finger holding down block for 5-10 seconds against voodoo on map 5 aq. Scarlet Witch was completely unresponsive.
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    Trying to 100% ACT 5.1 last chapter. I bring in OG vision vs. Nightcrawler (NC's timer is still broke btw!). I did a 4 hit combo on him and hit backswipe to do a 4 hit intercept like I've done a million times and already did 5-6 times in this particular fight and Vision just stands there! 5 hit combo and I'm DEAD. Funny how this **** only seems to happen when you are winning the fight??? Are we ever going to get an acknowledgement on this???
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    Archangel, SL, SW, GP, Quake, Hyperion.. every champ actually sometimes is missing the 3rd or 4th hit in combo and then gets counter attacked.

    I'm on iPhone 6s. Every enemy. Not every time but often enough to recognize.
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    THIS IS NOT A NEW ISSUE! @Kabam Miike or whatever mod wants to come in asking ummm which fight what champs? It's is across ALL mobile devices, with ALL champs. I made a post earlier about this. I contacted support 4 MONTHS AGO and they told me the game team KNOWS about it. 4 MONTHS!!! Don't come in here acting like this is a new issue kabam doesn't know about. It simply hasn't been fixed because it is making the company money. You should be sending a HUGE compensation package to everyone. I can't even count how many war and AQ fights this bug has caused me to lose. Do you think a player like myself who has beaten every challenge you've put out should be losing to THOR?! Literally can lose a fight against the easiest champ because of this nonsense. I will go back in my emails for the proof that you shady characters have known of this for months
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    So, the problem arose for me in May, mid July is when I contacted support because I was fed up. I quit the game after our discussion and came back after the octopus/ goblin update hoping it was fixed. The image attached is proof they have known about this for at least 2 months.scb02rikwxif.jpg
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    It's a game issue going on for a few months now. No specific champs or opponents
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    I've had multiple champs charge the enemy during blocks or I've had my specials fail to activate leaving my champ open and easy to KO. Doesn't help when you're facing a 2k attack opponent and i end up getting knocked out.
  • Its not fixed. Still experiencing it now worse then before.
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