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Losing control of champs [Under Investigation]



  • Scud77 wrote: »
    To be helpful, I have an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.2.5 also an IPad Air running iOS 11.2.1 above mentioned issues occur randomly throughout all modes, on both devices if specific champs are at fault I have not as yet worried to take note of any specific champs as time does not always permit me to do so...also other issues with lag troubling myself...feel like a noob again with the state of play as it is

    “RANDOMLY” that’s the exact word use by everyone who experienced propblems. Does it happen every fight? No... so why is it random. This is what Kabam needs to look at. Slow mo-high speed fights, including many other issues that randomly occur.

    Do I always parry BPCW mid combo? No... so why did it happen in AQ against a 10k BPCW?
    In monthly quest did ultron OG evade hit? No... so why did he evade hit in 5.4 like crazy? Do my dash attacks always whiff through the AI opposing character? No... so why does it happen in AQ and AW

    The fact it “randomly” happens usually in AQ/AW tells me it’s on purpose, to a cheap attempt to make us spend more money on revives and pots.

    I know I am buying way more pots/revives than I ever have before in this game and I’ve been doing map 5 all week since kang was boss with 4* 4/40’s. Now I’m lucky to make it through with 5/50’s, having flawless fights.

    Does everybody else think/know they are buying much more pots/revives than they used to?

    With the plethora of complaints and the confirmed knowledge of the issues. I question why you are consequentially spending. Use your judgement for more than just emoting lag bs.
    Aw today juggs was sped up so fast and I COULD NOT dash back. My finger kept sliding and I kept getting pommelled. Would I spend money on a game where you can't control your character recently? HELL no, that would be voluntarily stupid.
  • FreakydFreakyd Posts: 161
    Today is bad :( specials are taking several hits aswell
  • I play MCOC on an Iphone 6 with iOS version 11.2.5. I mostly play when I'm on a 5 GHz network. My issue with losing control of a champ is when I'm attacking and trying to just do a 5 hit light combo. I'll be attacking and after 2 or 3 hits the champ I'm using will execute a heavy attack. This has happened to me on the Daily Black Panther event quests, the monthly quest in Master Mode, and I think once in AW. It also happens on occasion in arena. It last happened 2 days ago. If you need any other info just let me know and I'll try to get further detail.
  • AllTrillAllTrill Posts: 11
    It doesn’t matter what apple device or champ I use, each champ dash back for no reason without me doing and become unresponsive then I get attacked. This occurs in AW & AQ plus hard or tougher modes. I don’t understand why this is not fixed yet.
  • AllTrillAllTrill Posts: 11
    My champs dash back all the time and especially in harder matches like in AW & AQ. I complained for awhile now but Kabam hasn’t fixed it. I will hold block or dash forward to attack but it will dash back on its own. Sometimes champs will dash back then AI will attack me and then I can’t block or hit AI.
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    edited February 2018
    It's been pretty terrible today in quests and wars for me today, on my alt I was whipping a red hulk that was much bigger than me.

    All of the sudden I couldnt seem to control my character and stuff happened and I died so i used another champ and it happened again until I used a revive to finish him off.

    Concurently on another phone I was running act 4 for completion and I was having massive trouble blocking, evading, and hitting the eneimes they were dodging things like spider Man on crack.

    I couldn't seem to either block or move back if I did it was usually a short dash back even though I should be out of their range but got hit anyway.

    My blocks drop, they get blown through, after blocking some specials they just stand there not moving, specials just won't fire, won't move back, won't move back far enough, rushing forward for no reason, firing off heavys for no reason etc.

    Lots of these have been going on for quite awhile now without being fixed and have been under investigation for months if not a year with no sign of improvement and it's getting kinda riddiclous now and it makes me wonder if they can fix it and if they even care not to mention some other things that they've been doing lately but yeah not saying anything else about that.

  • FreakydFreakyd Posts: 161
    My SW was out of my control in AW again. Add the fact her special wouldn't trigger n........what's the point!
  • MEKA5MEKA5 Posts: 343 ★★
    It's been 8 months at least now.
    We do have unreliable parries and dashes! Also sometimes your champ does not react to complete a combo, while the AI seems super reactive nowadays.

    @Kabam Wolf @Kabam Miike Honestly I don't get why your developers are not treating these issues as HIGH PRIORITY. It's the basic mechanics of the game itself.
    Your player base is frustrated and angry for losing fights because of the bugs....not for playing bad.
  • GrimmGrimm Posts: 116
    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to say hi. This thread and it’s censored predecessors have been going on for 6 months now....

    We missed the birthday of the original thread. Aug 17 2017 if I remember correctly.

    I think it’s fair to say they won’t fix this.

    I still have the same issues as before: blocks and evades not working, light attacks becoming heavy, character just standing still and getting hit....

  • FreakydFreakyd Posts: 161
    I'm moving so slowly in AW today. I can not do a combo. AI not a slowed down at all. Like dragging them across the screen. If it lag or phone issue (like yesterday!) Why doesn't it affect AI as well?
  • borntohulaborntohula Posts: 420 ★★★
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    Since the last maintenance, this issue (see title of original post) is back with a vengeance for me. The harder the content, the more my champs either ignore commands or flat out do the opposite. Most problematic are dropping blocks, dashing back when attacking (eg, when trying a heavy after a parry with Hype) or holding block. And, worst of all, not responding at all for seconds. It’s like watching a table tennis game at times. Where my champ is the ball. All I can do is watch. And curse.

    It cost me three team revives (plus health) in act V so far. Plus a fair chunk of DV in the first Aw fight just now. I’m officially sick and tired of it, especially since this issue seemed largely resolved. One round of regular maintenance, and boom! here we go again. For the love of every God you can think of, including the Spaghetti Monster, look into this as a priority and FIX it.

    I’m on iPhone X, latest everything, WiFi at my home and office. Happens with all champs. Mainly occurs in hard content.

    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Wolf @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Loto @Kabam Zibiit
  • Dj_mphDj_mph Posts: 72
    Wolverine has been doing this a lot for me
  • Kabam fix this! Point blank. It is getting Very frustrating! Don't sit back and allow players to be this frustrated. We are your customers and like any other company must be top priority.
  • borntohulaborntohula Posts: 420 ★★★
    Just in case this helps anyone and/or in the unlikely event the developers are actually looking into this (given the unrelenting silence on any debilitating bug, I rather doubt it), this might help a bit. I did a full uninstall/reinstall. It's early days, but it seems to help. Could be a coincidence. But hey, I'll take it. And share it. Unlike some companies who seem to prefer leaving their customers in the dark for months. Hear that 'clink'? That's money falling into the black hole of silence.
  • Pr0t0t7p3Pr0t0t7p3 Posts: 101
    Also heavy attacks are getting interrupted by enemy AI. Just happened now to me.
    My 4* Hyperion was in middle of heavy when AI VAOU just stepped in and hit me.
    iPhone 6S
    T-Mobile network
    @Kabam Miike
  • FreakydFreakyd Posts: 161
    I've tried the uninstal reinstall with no luck. Hope it stays helpful for you though.
  • borntohulaborntohula Posts: 420 ★★★
    Freakyd wrote: »
    I've tried the uninstal reinstall with no luck. Hope it stays helpful for you though.

    Never worked for me on Android (did it religiously), but seems to work on my iPhone. Like I said, maybe a coincidence.

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