Lag again....this is what I noticed. [Under Investigation]



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    There is not any way to stop it. It’s probably from the arenas. The servers can not handle that much overload. I’m assuming kabsm has never updated them ever. Maybe they could start there from the millions they have made off the whales.
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    It’s like when the opponent triggers a special or procs a buff it hits us with a lag so we can’t block or swipe
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    ^ that is spot on I nice what is happening. The game it’s aelf it’s lagging and once again the player base is taking the hit. Just lost ultron when he decide while I was blocking he wanted to go run at hood for fun and then eats a combo. This game is becoming a pos with every update. Broken upon broken champs bugs this is becoming 12.0 all over again. Thanks for 6* featured that’s cool but I’d rsrher have a game that actually works. But I guess when your as greedy as kabam/netmarble who cares.its pathetic how the game is now. Sad that notceven a brand new device can save me from these bugs. Yup it’s working as intended
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    Yeah they clearly have focused too much on milking the customers they do have, rather than keeping the game working well and attracting new customers, that article shows their downloads are definitely declining and I have to think the app rating is one of the main causes of that, I don’t think they realise how many people like myself have just got fed up and stopped spending months ago,
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    I quit spending when 12.0 was released and they nerfed srange after spending about $200 to get him. They dont care. That's why the game will be gone soon. Screw them!!
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    Mcord117 wrote: »
    Guys at this point you are pissing in the wind. When was the last time anyone from Kabam responded to this thread?

    Around the time they graced the unresponsive champs one with a response. Bit of a disgrace. No matter. I'm out after the season. And from what I gather, that goes for a horde of spenders.
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    I was fighting in AQ today and noticed a definite change in speed right in the middle of a battle. Is it a coincidence that they released Boss Rush today? I don’t think so. I tried closing all apps and resetting my device, but it is still bad. I had to quit Act 5 and everything else I was playing. I will have to wait until performance magically improves. But it must be my device, right?
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    iPad Air... in AQ ...cosmic symbiote sp2 causes severe lag.. so many frames dropped you can’t block it or evade it. Replicated results in AQ back to back days with same 2 cosmic symbiotes on left. Mystic symbiotes sp2 causes same thing in AQ in stage 3 when conjuring up the collector style sp2 it uses. Same glitch has been around with venompools sp2 for a long time but this one happens more often and is more repeatable.

    I’m not the only one in my ally having this problem. Same with alliance mode match start... get stuttering lag in first 5-10 seconds of fight making parrying or blocking almost impossible. Many report this issue
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    Lag spikes going on right now. Quick, tell "the team."
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    I just experienced a major lag spike costing me my round in AW not cool.... yeah Kabam we have a problem.... one more thing why is it when playing juggs can jump around and dodge like the nightcrawler and the spider freaks kind of annoying and very uncool.
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    iPhone 7 Plus (2017) on iOS 11.2.6
    Playing over WiFi and cellular have he same issues.
    Haven’t played on another device.
    Issues appear in AQ, AW, and arena. The frame rate drops drastically and causes dexterity and parry to be useless. Other issues have been getting the dexterity bonus while taking full damage from specials and basic attacks. This hasn’t been an issue before these latest updates.
    "FIX IT" !
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    please fix
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