Lag again....this is what I noticed. [Under Investigation]



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    Kabam, please stop asking for device info as you always do. The problem is with your servers. It always gets worse at peak game times, as the weekend nears. If it was the internet providers, the issues would be at peak times every single day. Also, the lag is consistent on each game mode, to the point it becomes predictable.

    A company your size should have all the current devices for testing, not computer emulators, those never work. Please invest in quality QA and better servers.
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    did you know my block list makes the game severely laggy did you also know when i friend or unfriend someone the game becomes laggy and freezes for 5 minutes...did u know the lag in fights GETS ME KILLED...did you know for over 3 months i had to deal with this AND the problem IS NOT FIXED TO THIS DAY...did you know im aggravated to the worst extent over and stressed cause of this LAG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS
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    When i fight, game freezes for a little moment, but, if that happens when i hit covered enemy, he breaks my attack and punch me without advice, what?
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    The help request then no lag is NOT fixed in new update

    First off, it takes 5-10 seconds per request to even register. The only reason I do requests is to get them off the top of my available arena Champs so that I don't need to scroll forever

    You guys didn't want to do a "select all" button. This alone turns a 250 streak I can do on Android into what a person on ios can do in that time of 650 streak. It's ridiculous

    I say eliminate the cooldown requests all together. It's garbage! Bring loyalty chips to daily login calendars all you guys are doing is making us spend more and more time in your lags, and less and less time on spending

    But yes the amounts of potions I spend because of this lag and your claim to fix but actual refusal to do anything in this game because it somehow equates to profit is unethical, and foolish

    Why milk the whales, when you can somehow milk everyone
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    They don't care. These bugs make them more money

    People already spend a ton of money or fraud or cc scam with no concern of gameplay so why would kaSCAM have an urgent rush to fix things? They make bank and only people stopping spending will changes be made
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    I've been doing Act 5.3 the past few days going for 100% completion, and I have never encountered this much lag. Often it's a case of my champion just stands still and the game doesn't recognise an attack, obviously I get attacked and die. Another thing is the amount of lag when special attacks are activated. This surprises me the most because throughout the entirety of the fight, the lag just happens to be when special attacks are activated by the enemy, (most of the time). By lag I mean the game just freezes multiple times. As a result I cannot dodge a special attack which has resulted in me losing champions throughout the quest. I'm extremely frustrated by the amount of revives and resources I have wasted after saving up for months on lagging issues.
    Quite frankly it's disgusting and I don't know how you (Kabam) still get away with it. I sometimes experience lag during AQ/AW but rarely. But it's so prominent in Act 5.3 I have never experienced lag like this. I honestly think it's deliberate, so we have to spend more resources on these challenging quests. This issue won't be resolved and i won't be refunded my resources because this happens to so many people and Kabam do nothing about it. As I have said previously, Kabam should hand this game to another company, and instead just focus on creating loading screens because that's the only thing they seem to be good at.
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    It’s getting worse and worse. The harder the content (eg 5.2 through 5.4) the more lag. I’m starting to think it has to do with the complexity of the nodes or the AI setting. I kinda shelved my five star Hyperion, because it’s almost impossible to parry. If it does register, he dashes back when I try for a heavy to get those fury stacks up.

    It’s almost comical the way champs bounce around the screen happily, without user input. Except for the fact that, for many players, this is one of the most expense games around. The quality of the product should reflect this. Free to play it may be, but there aren’t many games that offer 100 dollar bundles 24/7. Compare that to the price of major ps4 and pc franchises, and this game should run like the Maserati it pretends to be. Not like a 25 year old Trabant that collected dust in barn. And that comparison is actually unfair to the Trabant.

    As always, I’m on an iPhone X. But it’s no better on a Samsung S8. Believe me, I tried.
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    I also have this problem, I already sent feedback, and I already posted it here in the community, and he did not respond rightly, but we'll see what they say after more players complain about it.
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    its the game not the device stop making excuses and just fix it ..
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    Ha,never disappoint,lags back,game plays shite...niceone....hang on wait for it ...kabam lackey joines discussion....” nothing’s wrong with my device Bla Bla Bla “ ....I can see a pattern forming here....
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    Theory: Remember that extra long maintenance they issued last November? Then shortly afterward the game was basically down for 3 days and they had to apologize?

    This is when the lag truly started.

    I'd put money on that maintenance being when they moved/downgraded the servers.

    It's not a device issue. It's not an application issue. It's a server issue.

    They know what the issue is.
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    Click the image

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    This can get very frustrating in tier 1 war especially since one mistake ends you... And losses your whole alliance the war... Fix it.
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    Hey everyone, so we can help to make this discussion as productive as possible, if you have not already done so, please provide us with as many of the following details as possible:

    - Device make and model
    - Device Operating System (OS) and version number
    - Carrier name/ Service Provider (if applicable)
    - Are you are attempting to play the game over a WiFi or a cellular network connection?
    - Have you have tried playing through WiFi as opposed to a cellular connection or vice versa, and if so, what happens?
    - Have you tried playing the game on an alternative device, and if so, were you able to play without experiencing any performance issues? ...Also, what were the specifics of the alternative device (make, model, OS and version)?
    - Where did you notice lag in the game? For example, were you playing in an Event Quest, Alliance Quest, Arena, etc (please provide the exact Event name, including any relevant Act/Chapter/Difficulty level names, if appropriate)
    - Which Champion were you using and who was your opponent? (please provide the name, star-rating, rank and level)

    I understand it can be frustrating when the game doesn't perform in the way you expect, and if possible, we want to get these issues resolved as quickly as possible. We sincerely thank you for your input, the additional details you provide will greatly assist our QA Team with investigating this further.

    -Apple iPad PRO
    -iOS 11.2.6
    -N/A (WiFi only)
    -Have played over cellular on my iPhone X. No difference.
    -Have played on iPhone 6, iPhone X and iPad PRO. After 12.0, iPhone 6 was unplayable. iPhone X and iPad PRO seem to have the same problems.
    -I notice the lag in every game mode. AQ and AW seem worse.
    -It happens against any opponent using any champion.

    It is not game mode, champion or device specific. It seems worse on the weekends. Sometimes it seems to improve a little after an update or maintenance but then degrades again. Right before the holidays, it became extremely bad.

    The lag from help requests is still present the latest update did not fix it.

    I have provided this information multiple times. Many of my alliance teammates complain about the same thing. They are all using different devices on different connections. The only common factor is this game.

    This has been going on for an extremely long time. I have provided this information multiple times, as have others. You don't seem to be any closer to having a solution.

    It is hard to believe it has anything to do with our devices when the AI seems unaffected. It is only our champs who seem to slow down or become unresponsive. It has become so bad over the past couple of months that now I am seeing visible frame drops. Of course the AI doesn't mind at all. It takes advantage of my pause and clobbers me.
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    iPhone se 11.2.2, iOS
    Wifi signal/ cellular data, lag has been better since updating to 11.2.2 but still happens, and usually mostly in war, often in war I get hit while swiping back, even when evade or dexterity pop up. but most noticeably the last few months has been the inability to swipe back reliably, (and block often fails) often I swipe back from a heavy and my character just doesn’t move, and much more commonly i swipe back and proc a parry
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    iPhone 7 latest iOS
    Lags are at worst since the update ...modok lab , arena , aw , aq and story quests .

  • Reposting from a similar thread there are a lot of people having issues with game mechanics in my alliance right now I'd like this issue to have as much visibility as possible. OK, I usually don't bother with this but it's an issue I've been having across all 3 of the Droid devices I use to play. Evades not registering, general attack input ignored, heavies charging out of nowhere, even specials where I definitely tapped the button but it just doesn't fire off. I think a lot of it is tied into the steady decline in framerate as this game gets bulkier and more complex. I'm not a programmer but as a full time player I'd like to offer some constructive input. I think serious work needs to be done trimming down a lot of flashy elements in the game. I notice a lot more framerate drop fighting flashy champs like Dormammu would be a prime example. My phone is admittedly out of date, I primarily use a galaxy 6, but as of about December have noticed a gradual increase of small lags in gameplay, often just as I attempt an evade or the opponent fires off a special, and the delay causes the command to be ignored and I'm left butt cheeks flapping in the breeze. In addition, even immediately after cleaning and drying off my phone screen I have had ghost input, heavies charging out of nowhere, randomly dashing back in the middle of a combo where I'm clearly tapping the right. Because gameplay in this app is so fast paced twitch action, it's hard to tell what is an honest mistake on my part and what is the game ignoring or distorting my input. Look, I'm often disappointed by the design of new champs or updates in war, but that's a subjective matter. It is objectively bad if the game is not registering basic commands, this game is hard (and thus item and unit depleting) enough as it is. The harder the content is set, the more apparent it becomes that something is seriously borked somewhere in the code. I hope you take the community seriously on this matter, like I said above it's gonna often be conflated with player error, but from an experienced player that usually doesn't moan about this stuff, something needs to change. A potion and revive heavy care package wouldn't hurt either of course :)
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