If the AI doesn't feel like using their special at least have the wall behind us taken out

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..so we don't get stuck in the corner getting pounded on for no reason.

That would be nice. It feels like we're getting squeezed for units all the time in all areas of this game. I've noticed recently that it's getting harder to bait the AI by the day.


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    Would be amazing if after a random amount of times you get hit onto a wall you enter a new area like some other games but would break the game probably.
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    When you evade properly 6 times in a row just to bait a special and the AI just evades back and stares at you and it's happening so regularly all day for a few days you start to wonder if they're changing stuff..
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    @Mmx1991 I don't disagree that to an extent the AI in general is starting to move towards a more passive approach, which poses two problems
    1) With all the power gain buffs that are now available, an opponent can do very little and power gain all the way to an SP3.
    2) You have to make the first move and their reactions are instant, so they can just intercept your attack

    Having said that, playing conservatively and baiting right after you've pushed into an SP1 can be the difference. Once an opponent is close to an SP2, they are exponentially more difficult to bait.

    I also find it depends what "mood" the AI is in. You can get a super aggressive Hyperion that will spam his SP1, or one that will cheerfully look at you with his arms crossed while he power gains to an SP3.
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    If they remove the wall behind us they should remove the opponent's one too.

    if that happens, some champs that rely on corner their opponent (like Dorm, Magik, Sym Spidey and others) wouldn't be as good as they were used to. i suggest on changing the AI behaviour. it happens me a lot on high PI arena matches, the opponent is way too passive and just uses the special when he has 3 bars of power. if you get SP3'ed and your opponent is way stronger than you, you're soo dead.
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    Jwallace25 wrote: »
    Other fighting games have a way to "push" enemies away so that they can't trap you. This game is bad because if you are trying to bait and the AI won't cooperate, you have no choice but to play defensively. You can get stuck in a no win situation. If you hit them, you push them towards an unblockable S3. If you don't hit, you get trapped against the wall. It isn't very well designed.

    If you lose and have to spend on revives, then it is probably working as intended.

    This is what is intended by kabam..they are here to make money , your playing is secondary !!!
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    The kang and thanos teams are the worst at that... and now they are all level 5/65 it's so much worse
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    Speeds80 wrote: »
    The kang and thanos teams are the worst at that... and now they are all level 5/65 it's so much worse

    they've always been 5/65
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    Speeds80 wrote: »
    The kang and thanos teams are the worst at that... and now they are all level 5/65 it's so much worse

    They had them before, now you just get the player 5/65s as well, which have mastery "buffs". I don't think 5/65 makes that much of a difference, they last a bit longer and hit a bit harder. It's the AI that ultimately makes more of a difference. I would pick a higher PI but lower difficulty any day.

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