Best MCOC youtuber???

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Best MCOC youtuber??? 182 votes

57% 105 votes
ContestChampion (Brian Grant)
19% 36 votes
Rich Man
3% 7 votes
Jade Jolie
3% 6 votes
1% 3 votes
1% 3 votes
0% 1 vote
Crafty Grinding
0% 1 vote
10% 20 votes


  • zero7zero7 Posts: 566
    mvince able
  • EpistriatusEpistriatus Posts: 127
    The Analyzer, intercepting skills, no more words needed.
  • Killer Beezy of Camp e.n.t. is absolutely awesome! You need a laugh? Check his videos! Respect!
  • SvainSvain Posts: 318
    Dorky dave
  • BobomanBoboman Posts: 334
    The memes for seatin and Brian for info
  • Gladiator09Gladiator09 Posts: 102
    RichTheMan wrote: »
    when did I lose my "the" in my name?

    Lol richtheman isn’t too bad if he keeps on doing news videos
  • chaos3430chaos3430 Posts: 54
    Joel Line has great instruction vids on RTTL, champs and more, but I think he just quick the game today.
  • Itempas wrote: »

    you missed the name Dorky
  • science22science22 Posts: 41
    What about Mr. Lt (Super Gaming Family), but still Seatin is better.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 5,526
    Not sure I have a favorite, so-to-speak, but I enjoy The Analyzer.
  • science22 wrote: »
    What about Mr. Lt (Super Gaming Family), but still Seatin is better.

    that man hasnt even reach lv 60 yet..
  • SeatinSeatin Posts: 9
    No SuperGamingFamily. This poll can't be legit.
  • Mwhitaker23Mwhitaker23 Posts: 311
    The Analyzer
    Seatin is the Justin Bieber of mcoc
  • TonyStarkTonyStark Posts: 177
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    Most helpful MCOC youtubers.
    1.Dorky Diggity Dave
    2.Brian Grant

    Most skilled MCOC youtubers:
    1.The Analyzer/Atromix
    2. Lagacy69

    Overall best MCOC youtuber
    2.Brian Grant
  • DHCVoLtDHCVoLt Posts: 195
    YeetOS is always the best
  • mum_m2mum_m2 Posts: 702
    Seatin is only good because he works really hard. I give a guy credit when it's due and say that he's the most influential voice in our community. But someone in my line group said it best...Seatin would benefit getting punched in the face.

    Dave is the best. Most creative - best information - skilled - has a really good brand - really familiar with the Marvel universe - and most importantly, is always infectiously positive.

    BG has the best voice

    Analyzer is the most unique

    Jade Jolie...well come on we all know why we watch her.

    Yeet is the best producer

    Lagacy - most skilled but WORST youtuber by far. He's either monotone, narcissistic, negative, or a combination of those three.

    Vexs and friends, well, those guys just fill in the gaps. Nothing really stands out about them.

    Fan of Shane Hoffman also. Guy will teach you a few things. A few things that some Kabam employees on here can learn a thing or two from.
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 420
    You should put Mvinceable on here. There isn’t any dialogue but he’s so skilled it’s crazy
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 537
    I simply enjoy Seatin’s snark. But if Dave were included up there, I would have picked him for his consistent optimism. Contradictory, I know...

    Dr. Zola
  • AsskickerAsskicker Posts: 64
    The Analyzer, intercepting skills, no more words needed.

    It's about youtubers, not best player...just saying. Seatin is the best youtuber just because he offers a lot of useful content.
  • BigBobBigBob Posts: 73
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    Brian Grant is my favorite. I like Seatin also but I pick and choose his vids.

    Analyzer is good but doesn't put out much.

    Lagacy is just plain annoying. He talks like he's afraid to wake up his parents. The only video I could watch all the way thru was the why he left 4loki. His comments in other live streams are just as annoying.

    Rich The Man is ok also. Dont watch to many of his vids except McOC News.

    The other Omni Youtubers are pretty generic also.

    I think Brian Grant and Joel Line (RIP) are/were the most original. Even tho BG wants Blade nerfed.

  • AsskickerAsskicker Posts: 64
    AMF wrote: »
    I really dislike Seatin. He's a third-rate windbag. Makes these looooong videos that contain very little helpful info.

    Besides Brian Grant, I also like Dork Lessons. He's perhaps the best instructor.

    I don't like Brian too much. I almost never agree on his thoughts, he just has a different perspective of the game from others. For him every thing is good with the game and Kabam makes best work possible. Just remember his video after 12.0, when there were some really big issues with block damage and evade and he was pretending everything was fine.
    Seatin is more part of the community and he offers more content than others.
    I agree on Dork Lessons, loved his old tutorials.
  • I watch a ton of these guys. I find Seatin timely and helpful, Crafty Grinding great for arena cutoffs, Rich the Man for larger community issues, and Prof Hoff for timely info on deals and pop up situations. They are all great. Thanks guys.
  • Mana_PotMana_Pot Posts: 151
    Seatin has an 18 in his charisma stat. Love the guy.
  • Thebgj01Thebgj01 Posts: 188
    Camp E.N.T.
  • DuMonUDuMonU Posts: 22
    Not sure there is a favorite, I just kinda look at their posted video captions for any relevant info I might be looking for. For pure entertainment though Seatin wins hands down, great accent, some fantastic catch phrases and quality videos. In descending order here's probably how I check these videos....

    #2 Joel Line - Unfortunately he has retired but his insights into the game were extremely helpful in learning to use characters and getting through different quests.

    #3 DDD - some great skill videos on evade, intercept etc and yes...extremely positive vibe.

    #4 BG entertaining and extremely analytical in his champion attributes and game play

    #5 Jade Jolie After browsing through the above dudes a pretty face, pleasant voice and refreshing personality makes for a nice chanegeup.

    #6 RTM - Good for overall MCOC content and news updates....watching him reminds me of sitting down to the evening news.

    The rest

    Analyzer not my cup of tea

    Lagacy - Watch his videos just to remind me how horrible I am at this game compared to him! Seems to take the game way too seriously and might be more enjoyable to watch if he just relaxed and had more fun.

    Yeet, Vexkks, Crafty I don't know or watch.
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