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What 6* did you get?



  • TillerTheKillerTillerTheKiller Posts: 280 ★★
    Got beast. Not sure how I feel. He is mid tier in that group.
  • Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 528 ★★★
    RR here
  • JadedJaded Posts: 5,476 ★★★★★
    Got red hulk. Leveled him up and took out ws rol in 294 hits. Not bad
  • JumpthesharkJumptheshark Posts: 242 ★★
    edited January 2018
    Rocket. Not excited but he certainly increased my prestige a lot.
  • B1gG4zB1gG4z Posts: 146
    I got winter soldier. I don’t have him as a 5* so that works for me 👌🏻
  • Animejay70Animejay70 Posts: 400 ★★★
    WS. That sucks
  • Feeney234Feeney234 Posts: 1,098 ★★★★
    No one, because I suck and can't complete uncollected difficulties 100%... I only have 3000 six star shards :(
  • JaffacakedJaffacaked Posts: 1,415 ★★★★
    Gamora damage will be awesome.

    Would take her over my Loki

    Loki has utility. You can steal fury and Regen. I would trade with you if we could.

    Would happily trade you my gamora for your loki
  • B1gG4zB1gG4z Posts: 146
    Animejay70 wrote: »
    WS. That sucks

    Well not really. 1250 per tick on bleed off his special... I will take that. 2k attack. He’s a beast, I don’t need his power drain, I have loads of other power drain options a million times better than him so I’m happy with him.
  • token555token555 Posts: 22
    Juggs for me, Id happily trade with anybody. the only champ I really did not want. He is garbage unawakened.
  • Hell_GoliathHell_Goliath Posts: 8
    Gamora here. 😒
  • DTMelodicMetalDTMelodicMetal Posts: 2,785 ★★★★★
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 9,158 ★★★★★
    Will pull soon one, I am only 10K shards away from a 6 star. I will be back in 2020.

    Then we’ll be chasing 8*
  • I got a 6* wait for it........Absolutely nothing bc i am busy worrying bout my 5* roster then opening a 6* that isnt really much of a game changer as you would need to make black market deals for your organs in order to afford to rank up the 6* lol
  • Jimmy_Utah83Jimmy_Utah83 Posts: 246
    DPXF. Took him to lvl 15 so he’d be in my profile as a joke. Lol. Sp2 w/ deep wounds will do a little over 7k damage so that’s fun I guess.
  • Newtothegame1Newtothegame1 Posts: 17
    Got king groot leveled him up and put him on defense in war.
  • NastyEfnNateNastyEfnNate Posts: 551 ★★
  • JuggerneyksJuggerneyks Posts: 275 ★★

    Not mine, someone on reddit, but damn, some people have all the luck
  • Vinh225Vinh225 Posts: 164
    6* Void.

    6* Void-in-my-heart-because-I'm-sitting-here-with-no-6-star-shards-and-I-predict-that-I'll-get-one-in-2020.
  • Deadbyrd9Deadbyrd9 Posts: 3,469 ★★★★
    Storm. Another useless champ added to my roster
  • KnightarthusKnightarthus Posts: 419 ★★★
    Deadbyrd9 wrote: »
    Storm. Another useless champ added to my roster

    Storm is great when duped. Also her base attack and damage is high so as a 6* she is not useless.
  • Deadbyrd9Deadbyrd9 Posts: 3,469 ★★★★
    She has no purpose on my roster. I already have 5 great rank 4 5*s. Exactly why she’s useless. She’s better when duped and who know how long that will take. Been playing for 2 years and don’t have my 4* storm duped
  • Lunchbox45Lunchbox45 Posts: 250 ★★
    I got cable
  • Fabi1989Fabi1989 Posts: 112
    Hm don’t See any Cap America
  • Stara99 wrote: »

    Jealous! Great pull.
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