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Who is the best tech Champ of these options?

Best Tech Champ 83 votes

NikskiniPrimmer79tufan_1974Fhfjghhggggjfhfjg 4 votes
Alfa_PigeonDeadbyrd9DarkZenbeyonder8421shchong2Ultra_LDBarath121 7 votes
TeddersStagedear85HaridazzlerFhfjghhggggjfhfjgCovaMachine 5 votes
Abdelhakim007 1 vote
SaiyanHotCarlosSnaggleKenshioberleezy 5 votes
Rocket Raccoon
Whododo872DHCVoLtScottryanadqqedfyvrStrange_happensBen_ra33DR_MantisToboggan1shake8bake 8 votes
Civil Warrior
Raganator 1 vote
Vdh2008JOHNOSA1995vd016FuzzylumpsTBJ1118RetroRocksBosko888670DarcilisSkinner53wSWeaponXJwallace25xyphr3Protocol8051GAM3RGUYF4k3_GaM3rthanks4playingSolrac_2SungjCosmic_Ray131haunted_memory 52 votes


  • I just want to see debates about these topics on this website. Chill man.
  • Nightwing6666Nightwing6666 Posts: 115
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    they are way too good to even include them here
  • no spidey stark or kang?
  • yeah sorry. starky is too good an kang is too rare
    Where is sparky lol.
  • bm3eppsbm3epps Posts: 478
    Tech class may have the best it's hard to choose just one
  • ZoddymamZoddymam Posts: 359
    It be a toss up between spark and starlord. Maybe ultron if u thinking aq
  • Mr_WiffMr_Wiff Posts: 166
    With the exception of OG Ultron and Vision I am only missing a few Techs from my roster: Stark enhanced Spider-Man, Nebula, Punisher 2099 and Doctor Octopus (though I intend to get him in his upcoming arena) a lot of underappreciated champs in this class but with Gods like Sparky, Star Lord and great champs that are close to the boarder like Ultron and Vision I see how others get overlooked. Nebula has double immunity, regen and deals insane shock damage that no champ as of now is immune to, doc ock has very good power control as does civil warrior, CW also has a handy heal block of his heavy that helps on high tier wolvies. if ironman and iron patriots damage was buffed they would be really good with regen (also remove IP's burnout wtf is the point of that) as the armor break and stun in IP's case have potential. war machine stacks a nice bleed and vulture is surprisingly fun to use as is Green Goblin. yes many champs need a rework to fit with the current direction and meta of the game but most of this class has 1 or 2 uses that get overlooked IMO.
  • Starlord
    where's Stark Spidy
  • TheDemonTheDemon Posts: 159
    yup u are an attention seeker.

    I can think of a better word than "seeker." But way to take the high road.

    The answer is Star Lord though given that there is no Stark SM on the list. There are lots of other great champs within the class, but SL is capable of LOL.
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    DOC OC
    You missed Gobbie
  • Foxhero007Foxhero007 Posts: 326
    wow really star-lord has the most vote I didn't see that coming O wait I did he is the 2nd most overrated tech champ
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    Best Tech Champ poll without the best tech champ (Stark Spiderman).

    Nice poll.

    p.s. For LOL Star-Lord is still king from the Tech class, outside of LOL Spark is king.
  • Mr_WiffMr_Wiff Posts: 166
    Foxhero007 wrote: »
    wow really star-lord has the most vote I didn't see that coming O wait I did he is the 2nd most overrated tech champ

    who is the most overrated then and who is actually the best in your oh so humble opinion?
  • Starky
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