We are aware of the issues surrounding collecting items from an in-game message(s). The team is working to resolve the issue and is hoping to have it sorted by the end of the week. More information and future communications will happen here.
We will be closing/merging any newly created threads related to this issue.

Can we get a practice mode please?

Can we please get a mode to practice fighting against other champs? I'm not talking about duels; I'm talking about selecting any champ to fight against and being able to choose which buffs and level to add to the opponent.

For example, if I wanted to practice against a 6 star maxed Magik with debuff immunity, 300% health, and 150% attack with 150% regeneration, I could add those buffs to that champ and practice as much as I would like.

There would be no rewards for winning; it is for practice only.


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