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  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    The biggest reason why this change is so monumental is that at the end of the day, Sentinels became the gatekeeper for T4 class catalysts. You cannot progress beyond an R4 4* or R2 5* without them, and you really can't find them in any other sustainable mechanic in the game.

    If AQ gets shut down, end-game progress ends. Without being able to unlock endgame content, players will quit (and are quitting).
  • DaMunkDaMunk Posts: 1,842 ★★★★
    I will almost guarantee that there will be a champ introduced within the next couple months that will be a great counter to the Sentinels, better than Medusa. I bet it's already on the drawing board.
  • DarkDrakeiusDarkDrakeius Posts: 80
    AQ isn't fun anymore. That's it.
  • DannyJayyDannyJayy Posts: 26
    So, so tired of Kabam apologists defending every BS
    move they make. Like this one. Although this is a cake taker. You know it’s BS but prefer to blow yourselves up and to kiss the ring at the same time. Nauseating.
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    Im not liking the skill robot, they are recovering waaaaay faster from a stun (compared to the previous sim thing). i could stun the old skill champ and still be able to hit him after a stun, they would shrug off things just not as fast as this robot jerk.
  • cUbA_LiBrEcUbA_LiBrE Posts: 1,123 Guardian
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    The biggest problem with the Sentinels is their fighting style and the analysis. They are way to passive and it takes you longer to defeat them then any other opponent in AQ. And then their comes the analaysis which basicly forces you to change your fight style to awoid doing any action twice in a row. Which makes the fight even longer.

    I also don't have fun in AQ anymore.
  • General_VisGeneral_Vis Posts: 138
    Thoughts on day 4:

    I’ve been mixing up my champs but don’t see anyone as being essential. I take the skill immunity path in the second section and have been using Wolverine with no deaths. I think talk about him being useless is exaggerated.

    I haven’t adapted my fighting style and still use MLLLM combos. Today was he first say I noticed sentinels getting unblockable specials but they’re easily evaded. I’ve been hit by a S2 occasionally but have just healed it back up. In most cases I just bait the S1.

    Having said that though, they’re definitely the hardest fights on the paths which shouldn’t be the case. When I reach the second section the fights are Sentinel, Sentinel, Agent Venom, Gwenpool, Crossbones, Sentinel and the Sentinals are easily the hardest opponents.

    Overall I don’t think they’re too bad and would probably have came in next season of AQ anyway, but they’re definitely harder than symboids even if you do adapt quickly and there should be some increase in milestone rewards like extra glory or something during this transitional period.
  • barking_spyders1barking_spyders1 Posts: 77
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    This is pretty much the end of me and Kabam. They should have been happy with changing out the mini bosses and the even the boss in AQ but they had to put those Sentinels in which in every way are just as hard as the mini bosses. So its like you have to fight 4-6 mini bosses every AQ. Its a money grab from Kabam to get us to buy more health pots and revives. As if I haven’t spend enough money on this dam game. Time for me to walk away and cut my losses. In the end they’ll find out instead of grabing for more money they’ll end up loosing more by this little stunt of theirs. So many people in our Alliance and from others in line have said they’ve had enough too.
  • SKOutsiderSKOutsider Posts: 117 ★★
    Two people walking tomorrow in my current alliance due to changes and more seriously considering leaving.

    AQ needed change but to truly take things this far without any concern for rosters, no rank down tickets (not crying for them btw) and no way to the previous AQ squad for AQ it makes things tough.

    Congrats on the skill level for those not struggling and that can criticise other people’s skill, yet even the best of us will be using more pots/revives in the long run.

    With current lag issues not yet fixed and an enemy which needs perfect timing on the evades, Kabam may just have put the final nail in the coffin for this game.

    Big spenders are going as they now see this as a waste of their funds (these are guys that spent 6 odins on new crystals). Kabam have given up in terms of customer service, don’t give straight answers and even the 12.0 fiasco was better than what’s currently going on in game.

    Once Kabam loses people this time around there is no coming back. No apologies or half assed package can make people return after all that’s happening.
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