Which 4* champion should i upgrade to rank 5 AA or Iceman

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Hello there I'm finding hard to decide who to take up to rank 5 btw both are awakened

Which 4* champion should i upgrade to rank 5 AA or Iceman 23 votes

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HolyDirkness41Slux83MrLalowVladislas22Cosmic_Ray13BUZZdog3000klobberintymeG0311DingaloCometEarthLittleYinYinjtnave23EspGabrielcx23433Cats73ItsTheBroskiace930999 17 votes


  • Rob6Rob6 Posts: 35
    What one do you enjoy playing the most? I prefer playing AA. But ice mans armour is great if you push the opisition to there SP3 he only takes 5% damage. On most champs anyway.
  • klobberintymeklobberintyme Posts: 855 ★★★
    One of these champs (duped) negates NC, spiderman, miles Morales, bw, Ultron evades in the first 13 seconds in a fight and whenever they land an sp1; limits sp3 damage to 5% when armor is active; does damage over time without touching their opponent. The other one flies.
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