As previously announced, the team will be distributing an additional point toward milestones to anyone who completed the Absorbing Man fight in the first step of the Winter of Woe.
This point will be distributed at a later time as it requires the team to pull and analyze data.
The timeline has not been set, but work has started.




  • RedRoosterRedRooster Posts: 337 ★★

    That's not at all possible. But we can make a more educated and accurate guess when we know when these happened, how many, and what that means our Summoners lost out on.

    For the first time in a while I couldn't make milestones for vanquishing blows or dungeons. It's weird that this should coincide on a day where you had emergency maintenance. Yes, I accept that everyone experiences the outage at the same time, but it does not effect every one equally because not everyone is in the same timezone nor do they have the same playing opportunities to get on the game.

    How does Kabam anticipate it will resolve the issues and compensate players appropriately that are grinding to achieve rewards but may subsequently miss out by a sliver because the servers keep crashing. For example, would Kabam address the issue of players grinding to 6.89m infinity dust and having been hit my emergency maintenance missed out on one of the rarest items in the game?

    I'm not in this boat, I'm well on my way to eclipse 6.9m, but dare I say there will be more than a few summoners that will fall short of a goal that they have set. The amount of dust any summoner can achieve is finite and set by Kabam, the only way missed dust can be replaced is by Kabam.

  • Mr_PlatypusMr_Platypus Posts: 2,779 ★★★★★
    jdyke23 wrote: »
    i know it’s **** but just gotta be patient man, pretty sure it isn’t as simple as everyone is making out and everyone will get compensation eventually. just got to wait it out. and people saying to “sort it or find another game” still took the time to come on here and boot off 😂 it’s pointless, when it gets fixed and everything it gets fixed, it’s like one hour a day rops at peak periods and when events are starting. **** happens just get on with it 😂

    Well if people didn’t kick off about it then no, we wouldn’t get compensation and I doubt they’d even be considering a fix.
  • DrdifferentDrdifferent Posts: 30
    ...we can look into how these Emergency Maintenances have affected all of our Summoners.

    That’s a pretty condescending statement. It obviously affects Summoners differently.
    * Some people were on vacation today and wouldn’t have noticed
    * Some were in dungeon matches
    * I myself was in verses mode and (even though we all know that it’s not really player vs player) when it tries to register the results and it loses connectivity, the default action is to assume you’ve lost (which is silly), so I lost a match I didn’t lose, and then couldn’t play for about an hour.

    And which is it - Emergency Maintenance or Outage? You’ve mixed the term in your response.

    With thousands of players, how does Kabam look into how these Emergency Maintenances (aka “outages”) have affected *all* of the Summoners?
  • PaytoPlayPaytoPlay Posts: 762 ★★★
    I think the simplest way to make things right is to give every summoner an artifact crystal of their choice. Tbh Aq AW issues is part of the game now but dungeon run interruption hits quite hard on ppls who refresh their top champs or are in the middle of dungeon 6 room 4 when those outages happen. Artifact shards are only available in dungeon. Yes arena gets interrupted but that's minor and usually you can recover from a win streak. Yes you may still not get the champ you want but at least it's an attempt to be fair to the customer of this game.
  • Adamdrt2006Adamdrt2006 Posts: 429
    They arnt going to discuss compensation untill the game is stable where it isnt going down as offten as it has been they are working on it post like this doesnt help they have stated this many times already
  • Anurag1606Anurag1606 Posts: 1,168 ★★★
    @Kabam Miike tell me one thing. Do you only think that players who were in the game when emergency maintenance goes down are the only ones affected? The answer is NO. For example: For me the dungeon day resets everyday day at 00.30 am. So obviously I would be sleeping when that happens. Morning I work. So about 7 to 8pm I start playing game to get all dungeon milestones. Now if at that point of time like it happened today if there is emergency maintenance, I can't get into the game and I lost the dark artifacts and infinity dust. So wasnt I affected or not? If it were normal game then I would have gotten them. Okay this was one.
    I have actually multiple questions.
    Everytime the server outage happens, you come up with a pre-made statement which doesn't even change at all. That you will look into the compensation once everything gets okay. But do you remember how many times it happened? 10 times? 15? So will you give compensation multiplied by 10 times, 15 times? We get a feel that you just want to club all these outages into 1 single compensation. I earlier lost a dungeon run, war match, aq match, uncollected match while boosts on. What about all that?
    Next. Lately I have seen that the mods are very quick to delete or close a thread without any valid reason too. For example. The outage that happened on dungeon day. One of the mods (not sure not easy it kabam vydious, sorry if wrong) comes and tells the community that even the game went down, sufficient time was given to complete milestones. We questioned him that what was the intention when the said event was told to run for 24 hours then how can he tell the community that sufficient time was given? Was he intending that everyone should have done in 1st 12 hours? Guys all round the world play this game. So why not announce that the event was for 12 hours and not 24? And when we questioned him, the thread got closed instead of coming back with answers?
    I sincerely want to know what is going on? I have already put money in this game. I'm definitely accountable. You can't pass on like that. I'm sure this post will get either delete or maybe the thread will get closed. But I think mods should answer this cos a lot of community people have these same questions. It's about time. And I can say clearly that my post doesn't violate any forum rules or TOS.
  • Armaganon00Armaganon00 Posts: 741 ★★
    It be nice to have 1 more dungeon day or doubl artifacts... since the maintenance did mess up a few of us.
  • ezubay393ezubay393 Posts: 3
    I got all kinds of things going on now Late blocks champs taking off computer breaking blocks with regular hitting I'll evade and get hit it. Feels like someone else is playing the game im there to witness the loss didn't do this before thought was the phone got a new one it's the game WiFi still pushing the same I mean did get hacked favorite game by far but this is rediclious I can barely take on mastery to the point just ready to play something all month been going threw this I mean can I get the entertainment don't mean to sound abnocshiou just wanna play
  • KaspamKaspam Posts: 21
    I truly hope this doesn’t go away that the game came back (30 mins later). Somehow these instances are immediately forgotten. This is back to becoming a commonplace. Never (literally never) see this shenanigans with the frequency in any other game. Those I spend nothing in... this one I spend a lot in.
  • Maverick75Maverick75 Posts: 604 ★★★
    Well, if it isn’t a problem of capacity, maybe it is a problem of leaks of memory in the code, because of restart frequency.
    Code audit tools exist :-)

    More seriously, there are impacts on players too often. Define standard gifts is good way to calm down the community, or a very special and valuable gift.
    I get some in another game where the company seems to really take care of its players. In particular equivalent of units are included each time and I should say that I very often get gifts without noticing troubles in the game.

    By the way, when will veterans get an offer matching to our level ?
  • TreininTreinin Posts: 206 ★★★
    Dear @Kabam Miike , @Kabam DK , @Kabam Vydious , @Kabam Loto , @Kabam Zibiit

    Just wanted to let you know I appreciate all the work you guys do moderating these forums and working on the game we love. I am sorry that people vent so much anger at you over what should be a fairly trivial and fun aspect of their life.

    I applaud your patience in dealing with these threads =)

    Just wanted you to know someone appreciates you, since you face 90% vitriol.


    - A happy summoner
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