Legend run - Evangeline Lilly times



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    MrJeansNNMrJeansNN Posts: 6
    I was either 1:06 or 1:04 and I got it, first attempt and snagged it! I’m very happy with that
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    Oh no.I was one hour and ten minutes.
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    SatsuiNoHadouSatsuiNoHadou Posts: 753 ★★★
    Top 5 in the world for me at 53 mins
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    Drummer829Drummer829 Posts: 105
    taffy wrote: »
    Hey everyone,

    Anyone doing legends run can share your timing in this post?

    I did it in 1 hr 6 min . Anyone has other timings to share?

    I did it when the overheating was unfamiliar and my phone crashed a few times. Wish I could have a redo
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    I finished 51st! BOOM!
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