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Can’t login now after update - July 3rd [Merged Threads]



  • Rich_RyderRich_Ryder Posts: 238
    Reevesy01 wrote: »
    you haven't been paying attention.
    Lol, well cot damn, you are correct, good sir.
  • PrathapPrathap Posts: 581 ★★★
    If u don't update I don't think you can login...
  • BarakaBaraka Posts: 13
    What will 250 4*shards do for me. That's how you thought we need to be compensated
  • ShadowReptileShadowReptile Posts: 82
    Lol i guess blame me for that one. As i asked about the other nights down time the game went down again. I guess its like Beetleju!ce dont say the word or it’ll appear
    edited July 2018
    Damn kabam you almost made it 12 hours with out a server crash.
  • TensioTensio Posts: 166
    Seriously i was doing a lol path with boosts and game down. Want my items back!!!
  • BertybBertyb Posts: 12
    edited July 2018
    Yo we all know this sucks and we’ve all come to expect this (at least we should have) but try to keep in mind it’s not the forum mods’ fault- they’re just stuck on the front lines trying to deal with player outrage. Your anger should not be directed at them, I can’t imagine they’re the ones maintaining the servers.

    Very true, there are dozens of other perfectly valid reasons to be angry at the forum mods.
  • ThatOneMasterGamerThatOneMasterGamer Posts: 810 ★★★
    I didn't even know about a new quest today.
  • S2DA2DMS2DA2DM Posts: 7
    Same issue here
  • wilibearwilibear Posts: 46
    well I guess kabam doesn't want me to have modok same thing last week as soon as I had time to grind the systems went down and to find out I was only 100k away from the cut off and now I have about an hour of grind time and yall crash again I understand they have a lot to worry about to make everything run smoothly but according to google play this is the top grossing action game in the play store so they should have more than enough money and resourses to make everything run smoothly but they fail to do so i bet if they would work out the kinks it would not only be the number one grossing game but also the most downloaded but it is stuff like the past few weeks that make people delete the app i personally love the game and do not plan deleting it but please kabam please invest in your equipment or something work out of this for us loyal summoners
    DarkQuake wrote: »
    We should get double of what we were going to get for last week

    At this rate we should get a fully formed 5* crystal along with a 4* crystal.
  • Batty_NumppoBatty_Numppo Posts: 285 ★★★
    Hey Kabam how many Odins does an extra server cost?
  • GOATTB_12GOATTB_12 Posts: 0
    Emergency maintenance near the end of our AQ really?
  • Oroku_SakiOroku_Saki Posts: 167
    Maybe the servers are just tired of movie tie-ins.
  • SagnikfurySagnikfury Posts: 104
    With great update comes....
  • shchong2shchong2 Posts: 2,419 ★★★★
    Quite typical, when the new content is being introduce upon new Apps update. This is Kabam's trademark server down each month upon new monthly content, not to mention other trademark >20 server down experiences per month records! .... Can totally patent this technology. A method and Apparatus to guarantee unexpected emergency server maintenance a few dozen times a month impacting all players worldwide. Other competitors will totally want to pay them loyalties to get their hands on this state-of-the-art technology!

    Joke aside, I'm going to bed soon. Totally want to get some fights before calling it a day!
  • Small_FrySmall_Fry Posts: 2
    If this is how I do my job, I would have been fired long time ago.
  • S2DA2DMS2DA2DM Posts: 7
    Trying to figure out why the server is always down... They has to compensate us
  • Primetime_769Primetime_769 Posts: 118
    So long is this one gonna be.
  • flygamerflygamer Posts: 340 ★★
    edited July 2018

  • ShadowReptileShadowReptile Posts: 82
    @kabam vydious why did you move my post to this thread when it had nothing to do with the current game down???
  • shchong2shchong2 Posts: 2,419 ★★★★
    hks1234 wrote: »
    I'm going to lose my arena streak no amount of compensation can repair that.
    +1 for july 6 logout

    Count me in.
    If we didn't ROAR loud enough, they can't hear us.
  • The_Savage_AncientThe_Savage_Ancient Posts: 134
    End of war and Aq, totally unacceptable!
  • ThatOneMasterGamerThatOneMasterGamer Posts: 810 ★★★
    Why should kabam let us play the game.It's not normal.
  • bpunk88bpunk88 Posts: 179 ★★★
    Must have been the removal of "Civil War" tags. Such a critical fix was just too much for the game to handle
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