Can’t login now after update - July 3rd [Merged Threads]



  • AprilMoon7AprilMoon7 Posts: 69
    I usually wait patiently but this is the second time in too short a period. If it lasts as long as last time... I will miss out on MODOK...again.
  • DbofsuDbofsu Posts: 15
    Was in the middle of master run in micro realm and finally got a good line and this **** happens. Better get my money back for spending 20 bucks to get the extra pump canisters.
    Yall make all that money and don't use it to get better servers?
  • Nabz034Nabz034 Posts: 204 ★★

    @Kabam Miike

    Looks like my comment didn’t make it...

    This happened during my Master Pym round, before I could fight the boss.

    Will I lose my Master Disk?? And that I landed on the 4* chest?
  • Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 523 ★★★
    Very disappointing!
  • KossukoseKossukose Posts: 41
    Same here!
  • Frivolousz21Frivolousz21 Posts: 405 ★★
    Bertyb wrote: »
    So I just purchased a pym particle and loaded up the heroic fight, it froze as soon as I hit enter...odds that I lose my particle? Odds they compensate me and give me it back?

  • ThatOneMasterGamerThatOneMasterGamer Posts: 641 ★★★
    The relationship of the error and the game never ends.
  • SceptilemaniacSceptilemaniac Posts: 832 ★★★
    I know right?
    They said that they'll discuss it over the weekend but we still haven't got the word about any compensation..
  • Alienbj13Alienbj13 Posts: 59
    Anyone wanna play guess who
  • Nerfed2DefNerfed2Def Posts: 287 ★★
    The 6th will be their compensation
  • LeesensaLeesensa Posts: 72
    If it’s not 1 thing it’s another, this literally has to stop
    Voluntaris wrote: »
    Guys ... I think the game is down.

    I do also 👿👿👿👿
  • vmgjypmxkixw.png

    Been trying to get on for the past 10 minutes and this is all im getting...
  • Rich_RyderRich_Ryder Posts: 238
    edited July 2018
    The game has been down 20 minutes and no one’s asked for compensation or rank down tickets yet
  • Austin555555Austin555555 Posts: 2,611 ★★★★★
    is not the update he kick me out with v18.1 then with the connection that does not work I downloaded the 50MB update and now does not work with v 19 :D
  • PlantesanPlantesan Posts: 295 ★★
    Yo we all know this sucks and we’ve all come to expect this (at least we should have) but try to keep in mind it’s not the forum mods’ fault- they’re just stuck on the front lines trying to deal with player outrage. Your anger should not be directed at them, I can’t imagine they’re the ones maintaining the servers.

    They should toss the dev team to the wolves then...I’m sure an A.M.A. Session with them would go over well...
  • Yup. I encounter the same. I hope we hear from them soonest.
  • Son_of_OdinSon_of_Odin Posts: 50
  • Anu_003Anu_003 Posts: 2
    Game is dead, appreciate kabam once again
  • Well done kabam... Talking of compensation... Take this on your faces says kabam
  • Kludge77Kludge77 Posts: 48
    And we all gasp with shock...
  • xgriffxxgriffx Posts: 33
    down for emergency maintenance now lol
  • TrevanRomanoTrevanRomano Posts: 31
    Even without updating
  • Icecold2099Icecold2099 Posts: 577 ★★★
    Where are compensation discussions you ask?

    This thread is like the 10th one so just scroll through the forums and you'll find one...
  • shchong2shchong2 Posts: 2,421 ★★★★
    Final few hours of Alliance WAR .... Great timing Kabam! As always!
  • K1lltasticK1lltastic Posts: 652 ★★★
    conpensation bar is rising again...
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