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Can’t login now after update - July 3rd [Merged Threads]



  • abelarmiabelarmi Posts: 86
  • ClaytonClayton Posts: 43
    In record time 30mins after update game goes down, make sure y’all buy that offer tho smfh!
  • R4GER4GE Posts: 1,530 ★★★★
    I'm sure many just expect it anymore
  • The_Savage_AncientThe_Savage_Ancient Posts: 134
    Even without updating I can't login
  • bpunk88bpunk88 Posts: 179 ★★★
    Game down on old version as well... Here we go again :/
  • 1haunted_memory1haunted_memory Posts: 804 ★★★
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, yep I am in the middle of the darn new content I just spent $20 so I could do master and BHAMMMMM same old same old is getting real old!!!!!

    #fix the game stop adding content!!!!
  • HeartlessHeartless Posts: 298 ★★
    How many times do we have to go through this lol
  • Merging threads together so we can keep everyone updated in the same location and to keep the forums from cluttering about the same topic.
  • RaganatorRaganator Posts: 2,432 ★★★★★
    Handing out such big compensation packages for the last downtime probably crashed the servers.
  • Bear3Bear3 Posts: 996 ★★★
    Man people know how to whine.
  • OathOath Posts: 1
    Same here..
  • Batman_X10Batman_X10 Posts: 65
    WiMak wrote: »
    My games said connection error BEFORE update. Came here and saw the update was available so downloaded it figuring that may have had to do with it… It didn’t LOL

    Same thing here except it shows the new game icon in my App Store but no option to update.
  • 1haunted_memory1haunted_memory Posts: 804 ★★★
    Hey everyone!

    We're aware of the connection issues and working to get it resolved ASAP. Thanks in advance for your patience!

    if I can't finish the Psy quest do I get my $20 back????/
  • TKRowlingTKRowling Posts: 17
    Emergency maintenance! Whoooo!
  • MaidrilMaidril Posts: 288
    Really @KDawg88 ? Why would you say that?
  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 3,347 ★★★★
    at the very least i managed to look at the new pause interface before their servers disconnected
    I got booted from the game on a perfect 5 bar data and Wi-fi bars this is a little ridiculous can't even release a patch without bugs.

  • Icecold2099Icecold2099 Posts: 577 ★★★
    Same here
  • TonyStarkTonyStark Posts: 354
    Yes. Looks like It's down again.
    Kabam is telling me "Check your connection", I think they should check their servers.
  • TechWormTechWorm Posts: 18
    Cant login after updating the game
  • Hyperbolein_1Hyperbolein_1 Posts: 67
    Its the worst game ,down for nothing...
  • We still got absolutely nothing from Friday’s absolute fiasco being down for hours now this?!? This is insane!
  • blindside493blindside493 Posts: 51
    Awesome. Got a mini boss waiting on me for aw and games down. Aq going on too. Get it together Kabam.
  • iRetr0iRetr0 Posts: 1,252 ★★★★
    edited July 2018
    I haven't updated yet, but also can no longer connect. ****. Please add on even more compensation.

    Same here
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