Goldpool arena rerun issues support unable to help

Hi so the problem I am having is that during the original goldpool arena the servers went down for an extended period of time as most know now in past arena when this as happened kabam have rerun the arena so rather than use my ticket for milestones as i was unable to go for ranked rewards due 2 being busy with work i choose to save my ticket for the rerun.
Now kabam have announced that the arena rerun for july 12th but only for those that took part in the original arena which as never been the case before in previous reruns of arena for the servers going down.
So i contacted support as i have spent lots of cash to get the golden ticket who pretty much told me we are unable to tell if you been affect or not and don't seem to have info on if gold tickets holders can participate or not so can a mod please tell if i can participate and I know I'm not the only one with this problem I'll provide abit more info below.

I had my golden ticket during the first goldpool arena but chose not 2 use because the servers went down for an extended period of time and guessed they would do a rerun like in past server outages where players were able to enter regardless if they took part in the original arena for example starlord rerun arena and what will be the case in antman and modok reruns arena

I have spent alot of money to get the golden ticket so i could take part in the goldpool arena and pick up some rare items like titles etc.

Contacted support but they were inable to give me clear answer if i would be able to enter the new arena or not or if i fall in the affected players etc

I did not sell my tickets cause i was waiting for rerun to be annouced and to use my tickets for it then.

I still have the golden ticket in my inventory ready to use as i was saving it for the rerun of the arena

I do fall into the affect players becuase i chose not to enter the arena becuase the servers went down and by past experience guessed kabam would do another round of it

I'm new to the forums so sorry if i post this in the wrong section etc but would love if a mod can give me a clear answer hope you can help


  • GunnersGunners Posts: 67
    Because hitting 5mil in arena is not to difficult when using 4 and 5 star champions and like i said i was busy with work plus i forgot to mention i had put up alot of points in the previous red deadpool arena so needed a few days break from arena
  • Deadly2016Deadly2016 Posts: 75
    to be fair guessing they would rerun it was a big risk anyway, they might as well have awarded the 5* not only to top200 but top 800. and while you might have gotten milestones and upper tier rewards there is no big chance to get top 200 when your nearly two days late to a 3 day grind. if you spend heavy on refreshes you might have had a chance, but like you said yourself, you only wanted 5mil for the milestones. no 5* arena has awarded a champ below 15mio yet, and i dont think anyone expected goldie to go for that little.
    i did grind a few mio before the servercrash but with 7hrs of that downtime in my free time and with me not willing to spend on a lost cause i quit after the downtime.
    im happy they restart it now, and sure i might profit from the old top 200 not in there, but if you check the milestones youll see that the normal 5* arena awards more for rankrewards if you miss the top200.
  • GunnersGunners Posts: 67
    Yeah but everytime the servers have gone down in the past for an extended period of time they have ran 3rd round for that arena so it was a safe bet that they would run a round 2 for goldpool arena.
    The main issue here is that past arena that have been rerun like starlord they haven't blocked players who didn't participate in the original arena same with the upcoming 3rd round of antman and modok so why should this one be any diffrent if anything its has more reason to be open to those have/saved tickets cause they cost real money in some cases.
    Can mod just clear this up please as there seems to be no really reason why people who have tickets or saved them can't enter like the other arena allow espically when some have spent real money to get tickets
  • GunnersGunners Posts: 67
    And what of those that gained tickets at virtual the end of the arena K1 cause the goldpool/gold Crystal were still available whilst the arena was running and some of those players again spent real life money
  • Deadly2016Deadly2016 Posts: 75
    id agree with you if the server outage would have been in the first lets say 10hrs of the arena when you might have lost a full 'grindday' and decided to skip it completely. but the outage was, depending on the timezone way after the primetime of day2.
    there is no reasonable expectation that you could have gotten goldpool even if the servers wouldnt have crashed when you had not joined in allready, even if you had spent you couldnt know you could grind out more than anyone else.
    on the other hand the downtime wasnt that excessive that if you where willing to spend that much you couldnt have done so afterwards.
    i do see your point but you skipping the goldpool arena expecting that you get another try freed up your champs to compete in the other arenas where you might edged out a few additional milestones or ranks. also, while the goldpool arena had the unique champ for the top 200, the % rewards for the ones after that where less then in any featured 5* arena, so while the participants of the first run fight over the new top200 you have an edge in the featured 5* for higher rewards too.
    see it from the other side, the ones that cleared their schedule for the first arena, spend allot of time in there and lost due to the server outage affecting them more then others are the harmed ones, opening the arena for others that never competed in the first arena (and hence didnt snatch the 5* away from them) wouldnt be fair to those, would it?
  • JaffacakedJaffacaked Posts: 1,416 ★★★★
    "Less thinking an more grinding". Remember that next special arena
  • GunnersGunners Posts: 67
    Yeah but why are they blocking people from entering this arena when they have the items needed and they don't do in other arenas like stated above starlord, antman, modok to name a few doesn't make sense espically when this arena people spent money to get the ticket ??? If anything this arena has more rights to be open to those who spent money to get tickets and for those who got tickets towards the end of arena
  • K1lltasticK1lltastic Posts: 668 ★★★
    Gunners wrote: »
    And what of those that gained tickets at virtual the end of the arena K1 cause the goldpool/gold Crystal were still available whilst the arena was running and some of those players again spent real life money

    They gained their tickets 'at virtual end of the arena' as you said, and wouldn't have been competing for goldpool, anyways.
  • GunnersGunners Posts: 67
    Yup but that my point they spent money they should have the rights to compete even if they ain't going for goldpool and just want milestones
  • GunnersGunners Posts: 67
    Just seems odd they block people from entering this arena but don't do it for others epsically when money is involved i mean why are they not blocking the people who didn't compete in modok or antman arena but are for goldpool ??? Make it worse that people have splashed cash to get tickets so they should have more rights to compete
  • MalchaeisMalchaeis Posts: 69
    If you have a golden ticket you should be able to join. They just said that summoners who participated before wouldnt have to get another ticket. My only issue is the 200 who won goldpool not being included in this arena. If you are going to deny them access, at least award them the milestone prizes. Or just make them ineligible for rank rewards. Only fair that way.
  • GunnersGunners Posts: 67
    Because they spent money it outweights the fake that they didnt compete cause of time etc or what ever the reason maybe
  • GunnersGunners Posts: 67
    I get most of the people who get entry don't want more people in to compete but by spending money to attain ticket no matter when even if it was last minute or not deserve the right to enter the arena if you have a ticket u should have the right to compete
  • Deadly2016Deadly2016 Posts: 75
    you know yourself that anyone that spend units or money on the crystals after or close to the arena end didnt spend for the ticket but for the chance at goldpool.
    any ticket leftover was said to reward 100k gold so if you didnt use it for the entry you wanted to convert it to gold. now they rerun the arena and you want to double dip. the servers where down 9 hrs, enough to ruin an allready grinding players chance to get the 5*, not enough time to screw you from milestones.
    i do get you, you thought you had no chance to go for him so you didnt even try, now you think 15 mio is easy to reach so you want to join, if the cutoff would have been 45 mio+ that discussion wouldnt be around.
  • GunnersGunners Posts: 67
    I already have goldpool it has nothing to do with getting him its the fact that me along with other players have used money/units to get gold tickets to compete in arena which is what the tickets are used for so if i have a ticket i should be able to compete i mean how can you tell players we know your spent money on tickets but sorry they are longer vaild ??? And why are they doing it only on this arena ??? Why not ban people from the modok and antman arena what makes them different from this arena ??? Other than the fact that some had 2 spend money to gain entry which by all means gives them more rights to compete
  • GunnersGunners Posts: 67
    Yeah cause the servers went down and they are running another arena lol how are you guys really not seeing this ? If a mod can explain why people with tickets can not enter when they payed to do so but don't block entry on other arena that rerun it makes zero sense they have a ticket so they should be able to compete pretty simple stuff
  • GunnersGunners Posts: 67
    Very little merit ? They change the rules for this arena like I've said tons of time they don't block entry on other arena reruns so why this one ???? If u can give a vaild answer then by all means go ahead and do so especially when people paid money to gain tickets
  • GunnersGunners Posts: 67
    If you have a ticket u should be able to entry the arena why ???? Cause thats what the tickets are used for
  • GunnersGunners Posts: 67
    Lol wth look the bottom line is if you have a ticket you should be able to enter the arena since u have the thing that gains entry think y'all have become 2 use to these out of nowhere changes if they did this for other arena fine but they don't hell they even doing it for the modok and antman 3rd round so why only the goldpool arena ??? And the fact people spent money on said tickets should be more the reason why this arena should be line with the others where they don't block entry
  • GunnersGunners Posts: 67
    If people can't see that then you all are blind lol
  • GwendolineGwendoline Posts: 945 ★★★
    "Because they spend money" isn't a good argument. If they wanted to get Goldpool they should have opened crystals earlier. It's like buying almost expired stuff, not eating it right away and then complaining that it went bad.

    I understand saving your ticket, but people getting the ticket after the downtime don't have any "right" to be compensated arena wise since they wheren't affected.

    Having your ticket and not using it until downtime hits puts you out of the running pretty much already. If you're serious about getting him I don't think anyone would have waited that long to enter. Even if it's just one or two series, if I'm going for a champ (that recuires 10mil+) I take any moment I get to get a few fights in.
  • I_ZERO_II_ZERO_I Posts: 104
    You should be rewarded 100k gold for your unused ticket I believe. Enjoy. Spend it however you want.
  • GwendolineGwendoline Posts: 945 ★★★
    R4GE wrote: »
    Lets be real, you had no clue at all they would rerun it. You chose not to run it for whatever other reason and now you're trying to take advantage of the situation.

    Guessing they'd rerun it wasn't a stretch. I wondered myself what would be the smart move. Usually doing the most logical thing screws you over. Like the gold bug from the first skirmish war reward. It was a crazy high number, clearly wrong. Not claiming it was the most logical thing to do. However everybody that did claim it got out on top.
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