Anyone with LoL Legendary Title Experience?



  • VavasourVavasour Posts: 258
    edited July 2017
    ClovaH wrote: »
    How in the world could you possibly drop that much money and not know for sure what you were doing?

    It's always been obvious that only the top 300 would get legends titles. Maybe next time do a little research before you start sending tickets and wasting peoples time.

    Okay, explain Legends Points to me then... something official is coming. So it's a little green of you to suggest the Legends Title is a closed door.


    I'm sorry I wasted 8 minutes of your precious forum surfing time. You may return to high value forum surfing now... nothing to see here.
  • SteelCurtainMUTSteelCurtainMUT Posts: 432 ★★
    All legend titles have been given for LOL
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