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    if you pronounce it quack - ob

    if you pronounce quake- ob

    Pronounciation changes depending on my mood
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    however it is pretty much always quack-ob because I mean, ducks are cool
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    Etjama said:

    Crcrcrc said:

    Etjama said:

    Etjama said:
    I made my own interpretation.

    And I made one for you.

    Now try my name. Should be easy

    Some might look at Crcrcrc's username and immediately think it was formed from the continuous spamming of 'C' and 'r' which looks like it would be sounded as "Krackrackrackrack", but I've managed to see past the illusion.

    The "CR" stands for "Cristiano Ronaldo", the famous football (not soccer) player. There are 7 letters in "Crcrcrc". 7 is Ronaldo's designated number while on the pitch. Collectively, "Crcrcrc" comes together to form "CR7", which is Ronaldo's epithet and nickname if you will.

    To conclude, "Crcrcrc" is not the sound of a dying animal, but indeed the name of Cristiano Ronaldo.
    (Maybe this was common knowledge and/or I'm wrong, but we're going with it)

    You found that by looking up "Crcrcrc"... I know... I tried. 😂
    Lol I honestly never searched it up. It just clicked to me when I discovered the name had 7 letters. I didn't know it would come up on google.
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    Rookiie said:
    I need to get one
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