I don’t get champs I’m dying to get. Should I quit?



  • TonedefTonedef Posts: 137
    Spend money, HAHAHAHA! I spend 20 bucks on deals and burnt all my 1500 saved units on GMCs and got all 3*s. In this game you HAVE to be lucky to be good. Unlike in life, if you’re good, you’re bound to be more lucky than the **** beside you.. 🤪
  • TacoScottyTacoScotty Posts: 407 ★★
    I have a r5 AA, and I would not recommend others doing it. Definitely r4 him though if you have t2a to spare. He has lost a lot of utility in spots like AW which is where most focus their r5 for (AWO, AWD). I use him a lot with EQ etc though but find r4 would probably be just fine for fights I use him. If we get RDT at year he is in competition with some of my AWD mystics
  • ever since I started this game, which is like 2 years ago, the only god tier champ I've pulled are Magik and Iceman, be grateful, I've got a ton of trash 5* (Loki is sig 80 now)
  • Greeny467Greeny467 Posts: 16
    They should make something you can do to get specific champs that’s hard to get, not arena though. I’ve been looking for an og Spider-Man I can actually use in questing over the last 3-4 years. Just last summer I finally got a 2 star and about 6 months ago I got a 3 star. Heck I don’t even want god tier champs, the only reason I started playing this game was to play with Spider-Man and I can’t. But there’s a small chance that if I keep going I’ll get one and that’s literally the only reason I play anymore.
  • binrakbinrak Posts: 193
    My best pull was 3 months ago iron man iw after that I got BPCW,Beast ,falcon,awaken BP,Moon night ,awaken Moon night, Colossus,Iron patriot,and last week I opened 6 star got Civil warrior. So nothing to worry about everything going to be all right.
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